Jisha murder : Accused sends police into a tizzy with his conflicting statements

Jisha murder

Jisha murder accused Ameer ul­Islam keeps changing his statements, the Kerala police have told the court. The remand report also says that the police are not finished with questioning Ameer since they were not able to collect all pieces of evidence, including the clothes the accused was wearing on the day of the murder.

Though Ameer has confessed to murdering Jisha in her house near Perumbavoor on April 28, the police were left with too little time to complete detailed interrogation, the report says.

The accused initially said he had cast off the clothes he was wearing on the day of the murder after he went to Kanchipuram. He later said the clothes were still in his former room at Vaidyasalapadi near Jisha’s house. He changed his statement again, saying he chucked it during the train journey to Assam.

The remand report also urges the court not to let the accused get out on bail since he was likely to influence and intimidate the witnesses in the case. The police also want him to be housed in a separate prison cell for security reasons.

The police plan to seek custody of Ameer in a case related to unnatural sex with a goat, since they are unlikely to get custody of him in the Jisha case again.


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