Just Married Review

Director: Sajan Johny
Producer: Dr.Jyothi Kumar P
Production Co: Big Dreams Entertainments
Music Director: Biby Mathew, Justin James
Cast: Sreeram Ramachandran, Neeraj Madhav, Seema G Nair, Joy Mathew, Ponnamma Babu, Sethu Lekshmi, Jayakrishnan

Just Married

‘Just Married’ coaxes us into the belief that it’s a treatise on post-marital woes, while in reality, its anything but that. With an JM2uneventful first half and an unsurprising latter half, ‘Just Married’ sports a lot of dead air around.

Joe (Sreeram Ramachandran) is a youngster who looks forward to having the most idyllic of married lives, and would not even think of having a fling until he finds the girl of his dreams. And find he does, when he bumps into Roselyn (Viviya Santh), and with not much delay, the couple decide to get married.

Joe however soon realizes that married life isn’t quite what he expected it to be, since Roselyn finds a multitude of excuses to keep him off the bed. Frustrated and totally perturbed, Joe turns into a mental wreck, with both his professional and personal lives driven into turmoil. Unable to take it anymore, Joe attempts to strangle Roselyn in a drunken stupor, which drives the couple to a point of no-return.JM1

The first hour of ‘Just Married’ is just a series of scenes that make no sense whatsoever, what with Joe and his friend Riyas (Neeraj Madhav) contemplating on the way in which women could change one’s life. When Riyas decides to tie the knot with a slightly obese woman, Joe predicts that the world would come crashing down.

Cupid soon strikes in the form of a fraudster (Molly Kannamali) and what’s more, she even gets to sing a rap number for the film! To be fair to the artist, ‘Kaalam Katha Parayana Neram…’ makes an imminently hummable number indeed.

‘Just Married’ remains low in the entertainment quotient, and has very few interesting scenes that would keep the viewers perked up. Devoid of any clever touches, the film is mostly a lame attempt to stretch a flimsy theme into unbelievable lengths.
JM3And of course no prizes for guessing the reason behind Rose’s disinterest in sex, and it does not really require the psychologist (Joy Mathew) to come up with the revelation. We have been through enough and more of similar situations, that it does not require professional help to identify what has gone wrong in Rose’s life.

The best (and probably the only) bit about ‘Just Married’ is its lead actor Sreeram Ramachandran, who not only looks dashing, but also puts in a plausible performance as the tremendously confused Joe. This is an actor who decidedly deserves better roles. Viviya Santh looks pretty, but leaves a lot to be desired when it comes to her performance.

‘Just Married’ certainly does not qualify as an adult comedy. Neither does it strike us as an emotional drama. It’s just a soulless romp that goes on for a couple of hours, that looks like a messy mash up of pointless sequences.

1.5 out of 5 (Poor, A Few Good Parts)

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