Kajal Aggarwal’s first on-screen kiss-It’s not Kajal Aggarwal’s first lip-lock!


Kajal Aggarwal’s first on-screen kiss-It’s not Kajal Aggarwal’s first lip-lock!

Kajal Aggarwal

While it being claimed by the makers for the Hindi film ‘Do Lafzon Ki Kahani’ that it is Kajal Aggarwal.s first lip-lock on-screen, it is not the truth. Looks like the Bollywood film-makers are trying to promote their film with this fake ‘surprise impromptu kiss’ while canning an emotional scene between Randeep Hooda and Kajal Aggarwal. The pretty actress, who has done a number of movies down south, has earlier had lip-lock scenes with Mahesh Babu in ‘Businessman’, Allu Arjun in ‘Arya 2’, and Navadeep in ‘Chandamama’.

The makers of the Hindi film, which is expected to release in June, have claimed in a press release that Kajal was not prepared, nor aware of a kissing scene whilst they were filming in Malaysia, and it was a shock to her when Randeep grabbed her and smooched her, while enacting the scene. It is said that Randeep got carried away in the moment of the character, and just grabbed Kajal’s face, and went for the lip-lock. Kajal immediately withdrew herself from the scene, and backed off.

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 In the press statement, the director of the film, Deepak has said, “I do remember Kajal had told me that she does not do kissing scenes on screen, as she is a huge south Indian movie star, and this would impact her career in south movies. But let me tell you there was no intention to malign her or kiss her out of force; it was the emotional moment between two lovers as per the script, and I generally prefer actors doing scenes impromptu, so Randeep followed the emotional quotient of the scene, and made a go at it.
Sure it did send Kajal in a state of some shock, and she did back off calling for a cut, but, later on, once I had explained to her the significance of the lip lock, she surrendered herself to the script, and went on to do the scene with all the passion she could put in.”

Looks like the makers are using lip-lock tactics to create a buzz about their upcoming film.

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