Kalidas Jayaram:I get to play my age in Abrid film

Kalidas Jayaram:I get to play my age in Abrid film


Ever since Kalidas Jayaram’s new trimmed down look flooded the internet, together with his mimicry act, everyone has been waiting for his Malayalam debut.

Finally, the youngster has decided to make it a reality by signing Abrid Shine’s next, titled ‘Poomaram’. So how did it happen? “I had called up Abrid Shine chettan to congratulate him after watching Action Hero Biju. I had seen several police films but this movie was totally different, I felt, and told him so. He then casually asked me when I am going to act in Malayalam. ‘I haven’t received that good a script and I am waiting for the right one’, I said. Abrid then told me that he has a script, and whether I would like to listen to it. Definitely, I said. We discussed it for two-three months, I did some photo shoots and now I have started shooting for the project,” says Kalidas.

And what attracted him to the movie? “The character suited my age. I play a college student and I can essay such characters only now. Even otherwise if I do an action film now, no one will accept it. Also, the project had something unique about it, and I liked it the moment I listened to the script. I have watched several campus films; the audience too have seen many. But this movie has something which has not been told before, a new side of a campus story.”
Except for Kalidas, all actors are new faces in Poomaram. “The team auditioned around 7,000 people and shortlisted 20-25. Abrid Shine was particular about that and spent two months on it,” he says.
Kalidas is awaiting the release of his Tamil movies, Oru Pakka Kathai and Meen Kuzhambum Mann Paanaiyum.

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