Kamal Haasan denies his injury rumors

Kamal Haasan denies his injury rumors

Kamal Haasan

Actor Kamal Haasan has dismissed rumours about him getting injured during the shooting of the remake of the Malayalam megahit ‘Drishyam’, which is titled ‘Paapanasham’. Kamal said that it was not an injury to his nose as was made out. Infact he had to seek medical aid to remove the protective rubber wear on his nose,which was fitted for stunt scenes.The actor added that he is perfectly alright. It may be recalled that earlier that the actor was admitted to hospital due to food poisoning during the shoot of this movie. Kamal Haasan responds as; “I wish to clarify that all is well. It is not true that I was injured while shooting. It was a make up rubber prosthetic that slipped into my nasal passage and had to be carefully removed under medical supervision. It was a stunt scene so I had simulated injuries on the face. A visit to the hospital with a bruised face led to the news.

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I am alright”. Fans of Kamal Haasan desperately want shooting of ‘Papanaasam’ to be completed as early as possible as the film is surrounded by negative buzz from the day it has been launched. Firstly, It was the remake rights issue, then food poisoning and now a fatal accident.

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