Karipur firing:Gun went off from Sitaram’s hand, test proves

Karipur firing

A scientific test on Friday proved that S.S. Yadav, a CISF soldier, was killed as the gun went off during a scuffle between the central force’s personnel and the Fire and Rescue employees of the Karipur International Airport.

The silver nitrate test has also confirmed that the shot was fired when the gun was in the possession of CISF jawan.

The probe team of Kerala Police said the forensic experts found minute remains of the gun – a Pistol Auto 9mm – on the hand of Sitaram Choudhary, who is hospitalised with a bullet injury to his hand.

The police also believe that the gun went off during the scuffle and it was not fired on purpose.

Culpable homicide charge

The probe team has registered arrest of eight persons in connection with the case under charges of culpable homicide.

It was revealed earlier in the day that Yadav died of a bullet from a pistol. The bullet pierced through Sitaram Choudhury’s hand before it caused a fatal head injury to Yadav.

Earlier in the day, senior officers of CISF handed over two guns – a Pistol Auto 9mm and an INSAS rifle – to the investigating Kerala Police team. What Yadav carried with him at the time of the attack was a rifle.

CCTV visuals out

Meanwhile, the CCTV visuals of the first altercation have come out. The footage clearly shows a gang of Fire and Rescue personnel assaulting the CISF jawan.

The footage also shows the Fire and Rescue personnel chasing and assaulting Sitaram Choudhary, another CISF soldier. The 2.25-minute video shows events that happened between 9.43.16 pm to 9.45.41 pm Wednesday.


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