KediBilla Killadi Ranga Review

Banner: Escape Artists, Pasanga Productions
Cast: Vimal, Siva Karthigeyan
Direction: Pandiraj
Music: Yuvan Shankar Raja

KediBilla Killadi Ranga

Rib-tickling humorous movies are not something new in Kollywood, and if they are Family entertainers, then it drains the anticipation factor KEDi3quite high. The “Pasanga” director who also owns the “Pasanga” production house is gung-ho about this dual hero movie. Who better than the witty “Siva Karthikeyan” and cheesy “Vimal” flanked by Parotta Soori can make a special laughter box? Quirky titles for movies have been a trend for ages and the title of the movie itself suggests what’s in the store for fun loving audience. KBKR is co-produced by “Escape artist pictures” Madan and STUDIO GREEN production house has bagged the distribution rights. What are these two up to? Let’s take a look

The Kedi-Killadi Kathai :

Two whacky guys with nothing to lose, yes! The one’s you might find talking nonsense at the corner tea shop are K7 (Kesavan by Vimal) and Pattai Murugan (Siva Karthikeyan). Tamil Cinema has portrayed this kind of vagabond’s many a time and Pandiraj has carved the story on these lines. Both of them jerk around the town with their friends all the while with no “get-up-and-go” purpose at all and continue to be ridiculed by their parents. However, they have ambitions to make it big in Politics and go about trying to win people’s vote with weird tricks up their sleeve.

Kesavan is smitten and bitten by Mithra ( Bindu ), whereas Murugan’s love interest is Paapa ( Regina). Just like hundreds of youth in the town, they roll their brains trying to impress their ladylove only to get rejected time to time. Soori is their TASMAC companion who loyally tags along till the end. As said, their parents find a hard time convincing the duo to be serious in life and give up entirely as they heed to none. The first half sums up with hilarity, romantic gimmicks and the usual “Kuthu” songs to spice up the audience.KEDi2

After all the fun fiasco, the twosome plan to contest the elections after giving a lot of earnest thoughts. The rest of the plot is constructed with questions like – what happens to their political aspirations, do they succeed in Love, will they succumb to shame and will the duo gain their father’s respect for all the sacrifices.

The Good Stuffs:

Firstly hats off for an excellent casting! Vimal and Siva get comfy in their roles with cracking comedy. Siva slightly outshines Vimal in the comedy and sentiment sector making use of his small- screen weightage. However credit to the National award director for portraying light hearted humour with two apt heroes. Comedy in this movie is nothing biased and harmful; the one-liners make the audience topple with laughter. Both the heroines of the movie are sweet and no qualms at all. Yuvan’s music is quirky, especially the “Oru Poramboku” song with his chum Simbu is sure to rock the FM world for a while.

The Director usually known for passing a social message through his films with a whim of reality in his previous movies has done the same but with a spin and toss. He has made the audience wait for sincere sentiment to overlap one’s feelings and the transition from humour to sentiment is little jarring. However when we think of what happens in the real world, it would all fall in place thereby showing the director’s intention. The climax is emotional and as said it might get arguable after a point, but reality overtakes cinema there.

The Bad Stuffs:

The humour though quite light hearted, the “Wow” factor is largely missing. Apart from occasional one liner that gets the audience in spills the KEDi1movie is not slapstick comedy at its best. A lot of flashbacks, chirpy ringtones are some instances where you get a feel of little annoyance as they look as if humour was deliberately induced, rather than as a flow along with the movie. The second half is comparatively better with a combo of humour and sentiment in equal proportions, whereas the first half drags a bit. Editing could’ve been better as most of the scenes appear unfinished. Soori zings with his innocent looks and wins a few jokes but elsewhere he plays spoilsport with some lame jokes.

Ergo, the movie though jarred by some minor bumps, is an honest attempt with clean comedy, sure to enthral family audiences.

Verdict: Clean and simple gags are never bitter; KBKR is just about these elements and is sure to captivate everyone.

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