Actor Sanju Sivram is a naxalite in his Tollywood debut

Actor Sanju Sivram is a naxalite in his Tollywood debut


Actor Sanju Sivram is on cloud nine these days. He is all set to debut in Telugu, that too with National Award-winning directorRajesh Touchriver’s movie.
The film titled Raktham focuses on Naxalism in the current scenario and has Sanju playing the lead role. “My character is a naxalite named Anand,” he says. “The film talks about the lives of naxalites – not just about the violence involved but also about their personal lives. It also sheds light on the politicians who deal with naxalites.”

The movie is relevant to the contemporary era, he says. “The story has instances similar to the recent jailbreak of SIMI activists in Bhopal.”
However, the Telugu language was indeed a challenge for him, says Sanju. “The dialogues were lengthy and also in pure Telugu, which has a Sanskrit influence. My cheeks were aching after delivering the lines as the movie had sync sound recording,” he says.
Apart from Sanju, Raktham has Bhoot Returns actress Madhu Shalini and Telugu actor Banerjee playing important roles. The film was shot in Hyderabad and Karimnagar.

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