American parents named her daughter Kerala after visiting Kerala

It was in the year 2004 that Charles Kramer, a TV producer and his wife Brenna Moore, an interior designer; first visited Kerala. It was love at first sight. “We had travelled to many places, but we fell in love with Kerala. A progressive state with high literacy rate and forward thinking people, Kerala was just different,” says Brenna.

“The hills of Wayanad, the beaches and backwaters, the energy we received from Kerala was positive,’ says Charles. And so, the couple did not think twice before naming their first born, Kerala, in 2009.

Kerala had been curious about the origin of her name for a long time, and the couple realised that this was the best opportunity to let their daughter discover the place that she was named after. Kerala had travelled all the way from Los Angeles with her parents and her younger brother to get a taste of the culture of a state that she was named after.

Charles also mentioned that the best part for Kerala was learning how to write her name and all their names in Malayalam. At the end of three weeks, she could even speak a few words in Malayalam. “She was really happy that finally she was in a place where people knew how to pronounce her name and did not call her Keral or Carol or things like that,” he added.

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