Ashwin Kakumanu injured at shoot

Ashwin Kakumanu injured at shoot

Ashwin Kakumanu

Actor Ashwin Kakumanu , who is currently working on director Ashok’s film starring Swati and Karunakaran, injured his hand on the set while shooting. Talking about what happened, he says, “It was a very intense scene, where I was upset about something and had to vent my frustration. So, I was to punch a mirror. Usually, the mirrors that they use in films are sugar glass, which shatter easily. But still, they are sharp. I guess I psyched myself a little too much before the shot and actually broke the sugar glass mirror, and hit the wall. So, I have some cuts and bruises and my knuckles are all knocked up pretty badly.”

Ashwin Kakumanu1

 The film, Ashwin says, was titled Thiri, but is likely to change now, post the release of Theri. “Even when we began shooting for the film, sometime last year, a lot of people were confused and came up to me asking if I was doing a film with Vijay. Now, post Theri’s release, it can get even more confusing, so, most likely, the makers will change the title.”

Ashwin is also working on a rural romcom titled Thollaikatchi, where he is paired opposite Janani Iyer.

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