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window side bencil irunnu purathu koode pogunna braanthane nokkikkondirikkunna Jintappane kanda teacher: jintappa entha avide?? classil sraddikkoo.
Athu jintappan kettilla ennu manassilaaya Tintu urakke: Da claassil saarullappo neeyenthinada roattil koodi pokunna braanthanmare nokkiyirikkunnathu???

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4 thoughts on “Braanthan”

  1. the jokes are very interesting.
    This once climax will improve.

  2. Hello

    Pls say GM(Good Morning) to TM(Tintumon)in the AM(Ammayude Madiyil) not in PM(pathniyude Madiyil).

    Don’t forget to say thanks

    By CM(Chiriyude Manager)

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