Google Counts On a New Social Strategy with the introduction of +1

Google has floundered with the development of a viable social strategy, but Ignited SVP Dave Martin believes that its efforts in that area are about to become turbocharged with the introduction of +1. “Since Google is the dominant referrer of traffic on the Web, they should able to establish an enormous footprint with +1 very quickly,” he said.

Google has launched what many see as its answer to the growing phenomenon of social search in general and Facebook’s “Like” button in particular: the +1 button.It is similar in concept, although in Google’s case it will eventually be included in search results. When users see something they like on a Google property such as YouTube or a search ad, they can click the +1 button.

The icon will start to appear in search results within a few weeks, Google spokesperson Jim Prosser told TechNewsWorld. For the moment, it is available only to a small group of people who have opted in on Google’s website.”This is very early days for this button. Right now, we are working to bring it to publishers’ sites in the coming months as well,” Prosser said.

Once enough people are using the feature, it will begin to act as sort of a recommendation service for users — or at least that is the intent. Someone planning a winter trip to Tahoe, Calif., may see a +1 from a relative next to the result for a lodge in the area, Google said in a blog post introducing the service.If there is no one you know who has +1’d a particular search you are conducting, Google may just display how many people in general have +1’d the results.

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