Hamsa Nandini Profile

Actress Hamsa Nandini Profile 

 Born: Bangalore, India
 Occupation: Model, actress
 Hair color: Brown
 Eye color: Black

Hamsa Nandini is an Indian Model, dancer, and actress in South Indian film industry. She was born in Karnataka and started her acting career in the Kannada television industry.[citation needed] In 2012 she has modeled for MaaStars magazine and Celebrity Cricket League.[1]

She says, “I never chalked out a career in modeling and films. I won a pageant and offers poured in.”

What started out as a hobby became a platform of opportunity for the chirpy Hamsa Nandini who just graduated in commerce and has enrolled in a PG in human resources. Poonam re-christened Hamsa Nandini by Ilayaraja and Vamsi is two films old. Hamsa Nandini is the name of a classical raga and sounds so melodious and traditional and the almost 6 feet tall actress without a demur chose it as her screen name as there were too many Poonams in the film industry. Her debut film Anumanaspadam was directed by Vamsi and her second film Adhineta has just released.

Hamsa is born and brought up in Pune and moved to Mumbai to endorse brands and commercials. She had been into advertising even when she was in the eleventh standard and currently the actress is balancing her modeling and acting career perfectly.

She says, “After Anumanspadam, I went back to walk the Fashion Week and was just looking for a break, when I landed this offer in Adhineta.” Asked her why her make up looked so loud and harsh in Anumanaspadam, she says she had little say as it was her first film and she didn’t want to question a senior like Vamsi. He probably had a concept in mind and I fit the bill perfectly, she adds.

So how was the response for her role as a police officer in Adhineta? She says she has been overwhelmed by the audiences reaction to her action role and describes the effort she put in to learn kick boxing and motorcycling. She would wake up at 4 am and train with her fight master on the terrace and they shot non-stop for seven days with a lorry almost hiking on her, a scene she says which was very imperative for the film. The role she adds was close to her heart. I also learned bike racing. “I am quite a straight forward person by nature and get put off by pseudos.”

The actress says she is not interested in running around tress, a little bit is okay but beyond that it’s a strict NO for her. I’d rather do a correct role than umpteen glamorous characters, I’m even game to offbeat cinema but yes since I’m an adventurous person and with high heels I can stand over 6 feet tall and towering over others, I see myself doing a police/action film some day, a la Vijayashanti” she guffaws.


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