Happy Journey Review

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Cast: Jayasurya, Aparna Gopinath, Lal, Lalu Alex, Balu, Indian Pallassery, Lena, Edavela Babu, Sunil Sugatha
Direction: Boban Samuel
Production: Ashiq Usman
Music: Gopi Sunder

Happy Journey

‘Happy Journey’ via its promos offered a lot of expectations, especially as it was dealing with the inspiring life of a blind youth. As usual with HY3the every previous films of the scriptwriter Arun lal, this movie also opened in a fine note , giving prospects of a bright film, but stoops down in the middle into an ordinary film trying for all sort of inane wits rather than attempting to show the graceful life..

The movie has Jayasuriya as Aaron, a childhood cricket prodigy, who gets selected to the state under-15 cricket team. But due to an accident he loses his eyesight. His mother Alice (lena) but helps him to grow up as one youth who doesn’t need the help of others to lead an independent life. As he gets selected again to the India’s blind cricket team, his mother meets an untimely death which forces Aaron to overlook his ambitions about cricket and take up a job in a hotel. But fate has it that ,Aaron at a later stages of life again finds avenues to recuperate his lost dreams.

The movie told in a flash back mode is presented as a tale told by Aaron to a fellow passenger (Aparna Gopinath) which but changes his life for ever . There are some unpredictable instances which pushes the movie forward , though not much worthwhile happenings occur in the later half.

Jayasuriya gives his heart out to perfect the blind character with perfect mannerisms, but Lal who appear as the coach Gpoi krishnan appear a big miscast in the role, so is Shukkur the malayalee caretaker of the blind cricket team. Aaron’s cousin Freddy (Balu Varghese), and another character named Pranchi gives some relief with their lighter act.HY2

The movie takes pleasure in creating immature wits from the disability angle, which is not advisable for the spirit of the film like this. The entire second half has got plenty of such attempts, which fails the flick into mediocre one from its noble intention of propagating positive messages.

The pace of the movie is another deterring factor, where the editor Lijo Paul couldn’t stick on a specific pace to tell the plot. At times it is fine, and at time it is a bit loose. The cinematography is fine and the BG HY1scores by Gopi sundar is good at times and over the top in some scenes. The songs including ‘Ithu kaliya’ is good and suit the mood of the film.

All in all, there are some Nobel intentions behind the film and positive messages sent all across. But had the makers shown some more maturity and crafted it with more sensibility, the promise of the plot could have made it a better flick.

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