Interview with Bhavana

How did you enter films?

When I was five year old, I told my parents that I wanted to become an actress.They just laughed it off as the reaction of a star-struck kid. Ten years later, I had just joined the Plus Two course when I got an offer from Kamal sir. As soon as my work in Nammal was over, Sibi Malayil sir offered me a role in his film Kisan. Seeing that I was busy the Principal advised me to do the course as a private student as I would miss too many days of school. I am now a student of Indira Gandhi Open University

Film after film, you are typecast as the bubbly teenage girl! Please comment.

It is great fun to act in movies with other youngsters. As I had to use dark make-up for my first movie, most people failed to recognize me as one of the actors of Nammal. I had to play a deglamourized role in my second film as well. I wondered if I could ever get to play other roles. It was around that time I got the heroine role in CID Moosa and then came Swapnakoodu which gave me the teenage heroine tag.

Are you trying to shift back to serious roles?
When Shoukhatekka (Shoukath Aryadan, scriptwriter of Daivathinte Nammathil) told me the story of his film, he also added that it would be very different from my other roles. Later, Jayaraj, film director, narrated the story and he also emphasized that I would have change my entire body language for the role. I was excited. I wanted to live up to their expectations and that made me nervous.
I had to talk quietly, cover my head, and wear a sari. It was very different from the roles I had done. In Jayaraj sir’s movies I have not used make-up at all. Similarly in Winter, I play mother to two children. I think the youngest mother in Malayalam cinema (laughs)

Do you take special care to be glamorous? 
(Laughs) I used to spend hours before the mirror. After I became an actor, there is hardly any time for all that.I do not even use make-up sometimes. For instance in Jayaraj sir’s movies I have not used make-up at all. Now a-days I wear glasses .This is to make me look mature. Now I wear it all the time to look mature.

How do you spend your free time?
Now, there are lots of youngsters in the industry and we have lots of fun when we get together. If I am at home, I listen to music. My father (Balachandran) has bought me a CD player. I used to be a TV addict. But now, perhaps, because of the harsh lights used for shooting, my eyes hurt when I watch TV for long hours. I have three friends who come over and we discuss about films and boys. Initially they were curious about films but now we have so many other things to discuss. My other pastime is to read fan letters. It is interesting to read their opinions and advice. Every month, one of my fans sends me a cute little doll with a note that says, `A doll for a doll.’ Some of them insist on calling me `Parimalam’ (her character in Nammal). Then I wish they would also remember the other roles I have done.”

Bhavana’s favourites

Music: Songs of S.P. Balasubramaniam and Hariharan
Clothes: Casual wear, Sari for formal occasions
The lover boy: He has to be sincere, caring and trusting.
Friends: Kavya

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