Interview with Samyuktha Varma

Don’t you feel typecast in mature and negative roles?

(Laughs) I am tired of explaining this to my parents and relatives and now you are asking this. You know very well that I do what the director wants me to do. My parents tell me after seeing a film that they never thought I could be wicked like that, but what am I to do? Except for my first film, I did not get any romantic subjects to do.

So you were not been able to make an impression after your first film?

You must analyse the films that I did. The second film was Chandranudikkunnadikkil in which I did a small role. After that I played sister to Suresh Gopi in Vazhnoor , where it was a fun loving tomboyish role. But the public wants to see me in only sarees. My next role was as Nirmala teacher opposite Srinivasan in Avadhikalathu . It was a very matured role but unfortunately, the film flopped. My role as the wife of Mohanlal in Life Is Beautiful too went unnoticed, as it was also a flop. My bad luck. However, the role in my next film Mazha will be my best.

What is your role in Mazha ?

I play the character of Bhadra and the role has immense scope as it shows the girl’s growth from an adolescent to a married woman. Her love life and her married life are all part of the story. It’s a dream role and whether the film is a hit or not, I will always cherish the role. Just imagine, doing a role based on a Kamala Das character.

What are your other films?

Kamal’s Madhura Nombarakattu opposite Biju Menon; it’s a family subject. Kamal, who brought the best out of Manju Warrier has extracted a good performance from me. Let’s see.

Any film which changes your image?

I want to do a typical romantic girl role. In fact, I am wearing parallels and jeans now in my daily life. I want to get out of my saree-churidar image.

How about mini skirts?
(Gives a dirty look) Yes, why not and how about bikinis?

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