‘Jayaram Day’ Texas city

‘Jayaram Day’ Texas city

Jayaram Day

What started out as just another USA stage tour for Jayaram has now led to his name being permanently marked in the history of a Texas city.

The actor, who toured the USA and Canada last month, was honoured by the Mayor of Edinburg, Texas, and the day he performed in the city — September 23 — will now be known as ‘Jayaram Day’ there.
Jayaram tells us that it was one of those “truly humbling and proud moments in his life.” “It was the first time an Indian show was held there,” he says, about the city located along the Mexico-United States border. The Padma Shri winner tells us that the city’s authorities had honoured him onstage with a plaque. “I received that wearing a large cowboy hat and then the Mayor Richard Garcia declared the day of our performance as Jayaram Day. I think it’s a big honour for an Indian actor,” elaborates Jayaram.

Jayaram Day1
What added to his joy was the diversity in the audience who had attended the programme. “Only 20 per cent were Malayalis. The rest were people speaking other languages and US citizens. So I was apprehensive on how they would understand our performance. They said they were going to enjoy it no matter what because they love Indian culture. We then added a few Hindi songs and dances apart from our usual acts.”
It wasn’t the only time that the Pattabhishekam actor was honoured during a trip. Prior to his event in Canada, the organisers of the event and all the Malayali associations requested the country’s Prime Minister Stephen Harper to attend the show. “As he was busy with his commitments that day, he couldn’t attend the event but he was kind enough to send me a signed letter, wishing everyone in our troupe the best,” he says.
Priyamani, Nadirshah and Ramesh Pisharody were also part of Jayaram’s troupe with his son Kalidas flying in for the last leg of their tour. “I got Kalidas onstage to perform for the last bit of our final show in Houston, Texas,” shares the actor.


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