KERALA: For SSLC, panel to prepare eight sets of question papers

» Questions will not be picked from the question bank

» Proposal to upload questions to a comprehensive portal

» Proposal to allow students to upload questions

» Five-member panel to set 8 sets of question papers

The questions for the SSLC examination will not be drawn from the question

This was decided at a workshop organized at the behest of Kerala education minister here recently.

Instead, one of the eight sets of question papers which will be prepared by a new fivememberpanel will be used, sources say.Previously, four sets of question papers were readied.

The Mathematics exam had to be conductedagain last time due to problems with the question paper.

The question bank itself is only halfway through. There’s no guarantee that questions would beavailable from the bank even for the Christmas examination.

Teachers from across the state were giventraining at the last cluster meeting on preparing question papers.

The education minister had announced that questions could be uploaded to a comprehensive portal and that even students could prepare questions. But none of these things had materialized.


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