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   Kerala Ministers


Shri Oommen Chandy------------ Chief Minister
Shri Vakkom .B. Purushothaman------------ Minister for Finance and Excise
Shri Aryadan Muhammed------------ Minister for Power
Shri K.K. Ramachandran Master------------ Minister for Health
Shri Thiruvanchoor Radhakrishnan------------ Minister for Water Resources & Parliamentary Affairs
Shri Adoor Prakash------------ Minister for Food Civil Supplies & Consumer Affairs
Shri. Dominic Presentation------------ Minister for Fisheries and Sports
Shri K.C. Venugopal------------ Minister for Tourism and Devaswoms
Shri N. Sakthan------------ Minister for Transport
Shri A.P. Anilkumar------------ Minister for Welfare of Backward & Scheduled Communities and Cultural Affairs
Shri V K Ebrahim Kunju------------ Minister for Industries & Social Welfare
Shri E.T. Mohammed Basheer------------ Minister for Education
Shri. Kutty Ahammed Kutty------------ Minister for Local Self Govt.
Dr. M.K. Muneer------------ Minister for Works
Shri K.M. Mani------------ Minister for Revenue and Law
Shri C.F. Thomas------------ Minister for Rural Development
Shri K.R. Gouri Amma------------ Minister for Agriculture and Coir
Shri Babu Divakaran------------ Minister for Labour
Shri M.V. Raghavan------------ Minister for Co-operation


The Legislature comprises of the Governor and the Legislative Assembly. The Governor has the power to Summon and Prorogue the Assembly or to dissolve the same.

    The Members of the Legislative Assembly are directly elected, normally once in every five years by the adult population who are eligible to vote. The present Kerala Legislative Assembly consists of 140 elected members and one member nominated by the Governor from the Anglo-Indian Community.

    The House elects one of its own members as its Presiding Officer and he is called Speaker. Speaker is assisted by the Deputy Speaker who is also elected by the House. The Conduct of Business in the House is the responsibility of the Speaker.

    The Main function of the Assembly is to pass Laws. Every Bill passed by the House has to be assented to by the Governor/President before it becomes law. The Subjects over which Assembly has exclusive power to make law are the subjects mentioned under the State List in the Seventh Schedule of the Constitution.

    The normal term of the Legislative Assembly is 5 years from the date appointed for its first meeting. But while a proclamation of Emergency is in operation, the said period will be extended by Parliament by Laws for a period not exceeding one year at a time.



The Executive of the State consists of the Governor, the Chief Minister and the Council of Ministers. The Governor is appointed by the President of India. His term of office is five years. The Governor appoints the Chief Minister and the Council of Ministers. Governor summons, prorogues and dissolves the Legislature. He can dissolve the Legislative Assembly on the recommendations of the Chief Minister. 

For more information, Logon to the Official Website of the Govt. of Kerala

H I G H  C O U R T  O F  K E R A L A
Ernakulam, Cochin,
Kerala State - 682 031

EPABX No : 2393901 2393902 2393903 2393904 2393905 : highcourt@ker.nic.in
2393906 2394588 2394589 2394590 .
Fax No : 0484 - 2391720

High Court of Kerala came into being from 1st November 1956, with its seat at Ernakulam. Its roots go back to the Rulers of Travancore-Cochin, to Colonel Munro - the British Resident and Diwan in the Travancore State and the political agent in Cochin State- the architect of the well regulated judicial system in both these native states, to the High Court of Madras with its tradition of a hundred years and over, to the Travancore High Court, to the Cochin High Court and to the Travancore Cochin High Court.

Till the time of Colonel Munro who was the British Resident and Diwan of Travancore there was no provision for the administration of justice in the form of independent Tribunals. In order to reform the Judicial System he submitted a regulation to reorganise the courts. Her Highness the Rani who insisted upon the preservation of the trial by ordeal passed the Regulation in 1811. In 1811, Zilla courts were established and in 1814, a Huzur Court (Court of Appeal) was also established. The Huzur Court was the final court of appeal. The Sadar Court replaced this court of appeal (Huzur Court) in 1861. The Sadar Court practically possessed all the powers now exercised by the High Court, it functioned from 1861 to 1881. The High Court of Travancore was established in 1887 with five Judges, one of whom was the Chief Justice with a Pandit to advise the judges on points of Hindu Law, by the illustrious sovereign Sri. Visakham Thirunal of revered memory. The first Chief Justice of Travancore High Court was Mr. Ramachandra Iyer a young man of 35 then.

It was during the Diwanship of Col. Munro in 1812 A.D. that graded law courts came to be established for the first time in Cochin State. Prior to that Desavazhis and Naduvazhis settled disputes according to custom. More serious disputes were sometimes taken to the king himself. Col.Munro established two Sub Courts one at Trichur and other at Tripunithura. A Huzur court of final appeal with three judges was also established in Ernakulam. This system continued till 1835. The Huzur Court was reconstituted as the Raja's Court of Appeal and the Sub Courts were reconstituted as the Zilla Court. The Zilla Courts were given unlimited jurisdiction, but subject to confirmation by the Raja's court of appeal. It was in 1900 that the Raja's Court of appeal was reconstituted as the Chief Court of Cochin with three permanent Judges with Mr. S. Locke, Bar at Law as the first Chief Judge. Thereafter, during the Diwanship of Sri. Shanmukham Chettiyar, the Chief Court became the High Court.

On the integration of Travancore-Cochin State after independence on 1st July 1949, it was on the 7th of July 1949 that the High Court of Travancore-Cochin was inaugurated with its seat at Ernakulam. The last Chief Justice of Travancore High Court was Shri. Puthupally Krishna Pillai. Under the state re-organisation Act, 1956 Travancore Cochin State and Malabar were integrated to form the State of Kerala, on 1st November 1956. High Court of Kerala was thus established on that day. It inherited 3409 main cases from Travancore-Cochin High Court and 1504 cases from the High Court of Madras. Its territorial jurisdiction extends to the entire State of Kerala and the Union Territory of Lakshadweep.

Click here to see list of Kerala Court Judges



19-06-2005 Twelfth Session of Eleventh KLA summoned  
The Governor of the State of Kerala summoned the Eleventh Kerala Legislative Assembly to meet for its Twelfth Session at 9.00 a.m on Monday, July 4, 2005 in the Assembly Chamber, Legislature Complex, Thiruvanathapuram  
10-06-2005 Shri.P.Jayarajan and Shri.M. Prakashan Master  sworn-in as Members, KLA  
Shri.P.Jayarajan and Shri.M. Prakashan Master elected from Kuthuparamba and Azhikode constituencies respectively  sworn-in as Members, Kerala Legislative Assembly before The Honourable Speaker at 9.30 A.M on Friday, 10th June, 2005 in the Members' Lounge, Legislature Complex, Thiruvananthapuram  
08-06-2005 Shri. A.K. Antony  Resigned  
Shri.A.K Antony, member, Eleventh KLA elected from Cherthalai constituency resigned his seat.   
27-05-2005 Shri. A.K. Antony  Elected  
Shri.A.K Antony elected as the Member of the Rajya Sabha on 27th May, 2005.  
17-04-2005 Shri. T.K. Balan Expired   
Shri.T.K Balan an elected Member of the Kerala Legislative Assembly, from 9-Azhikode Assembly Consituency expired on 17th April, 2005. Consequent on the death of Shri.T.K. Balan the 9-Azhikode seat in the Kerala Legislative Assembly has become vacant with effect from 17th April, 2005  
08-04-2005 Eleventh Session of KLA prorogued   

The Eleventh Session of the Eleventh KLA prorogued with effect from 30th March 2005 at the conclusion of its sitting

View/Download Gazette

30-03-2005 Eleventh Session of KLA adjourned  sine die   
The Eleventh Session of the Eleventh KLA adjourned sine die on 30th  march 2005  
10-02-2005 Minister for Forest Resigned   

Shri. K.P Viswanathan, Minister for Forest resigned from office and the resignation accepted w.e.f 


04-02-2005 Budget Speech by the Finance Minister   
The Address to The Kerala Legislative Assembly by Shri. Vakkom Purushothaman, Minister for Finance on Friday,4th February,2005.  
27-01-2005 Address to The Legislative Assembly   

The Address to The Kerala Legislative Assembly by Shri. R.L Bhatia, Governor of Kerala on  Thursday,27th January,2005.

14-01-2005  Eleventh Session of Eleventh KLA summoned  
The Eleventh session of the Eleventh KLA to commence on Thursday, 27th January 2005, at 9 AM  
11-01-2005  Election of member held void by the Supreme Court  
Election of Shri.P.Jayarajan, Member, Eleventh Kerala Legislative Assembly (Koothuparamba constituency) was held void by the constitutional bench of the Supreme Court on 11th January, 2005  
5-01-2005  Shri.V.K. Ebrahim Kunju sworn in  as Minister for Industries and Social-Welfare  
Shri.V.K. Ebrahim Kunju sworn in  as Minister for Industries and Social-Welfare on 5th January 2005.  
4-01-2005  Shri.P.K. Kunhalikutty resigned  
Shri.P.K.Kunhalikutty resigned as Minister for Industries and Social-Welfare on 04th January 2005 and the governor accepted the resignation  
1-12-2004  Tenth session prorogued  
The Tenth session of  the  Eleventh Kerala Legislative Assembly prorogued with effect from 1..12..2004 at the conclusion of its sitting  
1-12-2004  Tenth session adjourned  sine die  
Tenth session of  the  Eleventh Kerala Legislative Assembly adjourned sine die  
22-11-2004  Dr. M.C Valson  assumes charges as secretary  

Dr. M.C Valson ,Reader ,Government Law College  ,Thrissur , who has been appointed as Secretary, Kerala Legislative assembly  , assumed  office in the F.N  of 22-11-2004

27-10-2004  Secretary, Kerala Legislature Secretariat relieved    
Shri. K.R.Udayabhanu, Secretary, Kerala Legislature Secretariat relieved from office w.e.f 27, October 2004 AN and Smt. K. Retnakumari assumed office as Secretary (in-charge) from the afternoon of 27, October 2004  
24-10-2004 Tenth Session of Eleventh KLA Summoned  
Governor of the state of Kerala summons the  Eleventh Kerala Legislative Assembly to meet for its Tenth Session at 8.30 a.m. on Wednesday, December 1, 2004  
07-10-2004 Ninth Session of Eleventh KLA Prorogued  
The Governor of the State of Kerala prorogued the Ninth Session of the Eleventh Kerala Legislative Assembly with effect from 16th September, 2004 at the conclusion of its sitting  
16-09-2004 Shri. Therambil Ramakrishnan elected as Speaker  
Shri. Therambil Ramakrishnan has been elected as speaker, Kerala Legislative Assembly on 16..9..2004. Shri.Therambil Ramakrishnan secured 94 votes and the opposition candidate Shri. A.K. Balan secured 39 votes    
04-09-2004 Shri. Vakkom Purushothaman resigned  
Shri. Vakkom Purushothaman, Speaker resigned with  effect from 04-09-2004   
31-08-2004 Shri. Oommen Chandy assumed charge as Chief Minister  

Shri. Oommen Chandy assumed charge of his office as Chief Minister on the afternoon of Tuesday the 31st August 2004

 29-08-2004 A.K Antony Ministry resigned                                                                                          
A. K. Antony ministry resigned with effect from the Sunday,  29-08-2004 
05-07-04 The Kerala Unaided Professional Colleges (Prohibition of Capitation Fees and Procedure for Admission and Fixation of Fees) BILL, 2004
The Kerala Unaided Professional Colleges (Prohibition of Capitation Fees and Procedure for Admission and Fixation of Fees) BILL, 2004 Bill No. 213

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