Pakida Review

Cast: Asif Ali, Biju Menon, Shine Tom Chacko, Malavika Sai, Aju Varghese, Vishnu Raghav, Anjo Jose, Sajid Yahiya, Apoorva Bose, Renji Panicker, Ambika Mohan
Direction: Sunil Karayattukara
Production: Sagar Shereef, Kartha Seagulf
Music: Bijibal


‘Pakida’ is all about how a total stranger creates unforgettable twists in the life of an youth , following an unexpected accident. A thriller made PKD3in a totally Anglican mood and Mexican colour tones, ‘Pakida’ is a stuff for all who love experimental stuff with liberal dosage of new generation elements; while the lovers of regular potboilers must refrain from taking a chance of this game.

The movie presents Asif Ali as Aadi, the leader of a group of jobless youths, who is into everything to celebrate their formative years. On a Christmas day while they are celebrating on an open terrace of an uncompleted building, one in the group accidentally fall down and is rushed to hospital. In need of money to save his bosom pal , Aadi decides to sell the vintage car carefully adorned by his father who is a mechanic to a handicapped visitor. But this total stranger who speaks in a deep-throated tone and hardly speaks more than a line, agrees to the big amount that he is asked to pay, but also wants Aadi to accompany him for a week for the full payments , as he can’t drive with his ailments. As they start together a trip whose motives are yet to find the light, Aadi learns that there is much more in life than their happy-g0- lucky, noisy outings.PKD2

The movie undoubtedly belongs to Biju Menon who stands out with his grey shades of doings and looks , with his economy of words, and a sharp stare . His low decibel dialogues in a mono tone and the rare smiles, added with the meticulous presentation of a man in a walking stick does the trick for Sunil Karyattukkara, the director, who finds the best of the artist in Mollywood to shape the mysterious George Koshy Anthrapper. Asif Ali in his usual role of carefree youth does give justice to the role he is asked to do. The female leads in Apoorva Bose and Malavika doesn’t have much to do.

The script, by newcomers Sreejith and Rajesh, offer an interesting plot with plenty of twists , but at times appear lackadaisical, especially in the first half where the camaraderie between the friends are shown. Some explicit verbal content and the discussions on sex and boozing also gel well with the mood of the film, so is the measured dialogues rendered by Biju Menon. The action sequences are good, with some finely pictured chases and fights.

PKD1Another worthy mention must go to the camera treatment and picture tones maintained by Sameer Haq, who has made something extraordinary out of an ordinary stuff. His visuals punctuate much more and give a mood of viewing a South American movie. The music and songs by Bijipal is equally supportive to the quality of the flick. Among the three songs, our pick is ‘Ee pooveyil’ pictured on Malavika and Asif.

All in all, this Pakida may not be be a game for all, but for the lovers of the genre there is plenty in the offer. With some genuine messages of crusade built around some real life horrifying happenings that disturbed every keralite, ‘Pakida’ may survive for a few weeks in theatres with average collections.

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