Parvati Melton Profile

Actress Parvati Melton Profile

Name :Parvati Melton
Nick Name: Paro
Date of Birth: Jan 7th,1989
Birth Place: Fremont, California
Star / Zodiac Sign: Capricorn
Height: 5′8″
Eye colour: Light brown


Father Name :Sham Melton
Mother Name: Darika Preet
Sister Name: Ariana Sitara Melton
Languages known: English, Hind, Punjabi


Favourite actors: Amitab Bachan, Kamal Hassan , Sean Conery
Favourite actress: Julia Roberts
Favourite Car: Mercedes
Favourite Food :Indian Food, Mediterranea, Italian
Favourite Dress: Jeans, shirt, sari
Favourite sports: Tennis, Swimming, Ice skating
Favourite colour: Black, Red


Telugu first movie: Vennela, 2005
Malayalam debut film: Hallo , 2007

English debut film :
Buddha Amrapali, 2007
Profession: Actress, Model

 Hot facts in Biography

# Parvati Melton is a very active girl having too many hobbies. Her hobbies includes Aerobics, Yoga , writing poetry and short stories in English and Hindi, Free Style Dancing, Ice skating, tennis, swimming, music, travelling etc.

# Even from childhood she had great passion for dancing hence she learnt disco and traditional Bharatanatyam as well. She also teaches Bharatanatyam to her students.

# She knows English, Hindi, Punjabi , Urdu and Gujarati languages.

# The telugu hot actress was a model before coming to cinema. Her telugu debut “Vennela” in 2005 opposite Raja was a big hit and established her in tollywood film industry firmly.

# Parvati was born in California to a German father and Punjabi mother and she has a sister named Ariana. They’ve been settled in the USA for quite some time and she was brought up there only.
Parvati Melton quotes

# “I don’t really believe in dieting because I always eat healthy. I am a vegetarian and eat proper food, all my fruits and veggies. I always stay away from oily food and exercise well. As well being dancer helps. Since I am a Bharatnatyam dancer and dance all the time that really helps keep me in shape.”

# ” I’m a very open-minded girl. I got started on my career on a early stage, because I wanted to get out in the real world as soon as possible. I am friendly, kind, and loving person, enjoy meeting new people, and making new friends. I am dependable, responsible and committed with what I take on. I have a great attitude and am confident in myself and believe my destiny lies in my reach.”

# “I live by the quote that the world will never inspire you. You have to inspire yourself. I have all these talents and traits and eventually I will see what carries me on. I see myself focusing on one thing once I succeed with it.

# “Future is not in our hands. But, certainly we can mold it according to our wishes. I dreamt of becoming a good dancer, but I got break in modeling. Now, I am here as an artiste. After all, I would have been a businesswoman had I not got a chance to be an artiste. Still, I have offers ready in the business management.”

# “I don’t have any dream roles. But I want to get a name for myself in the industry – like Madhuri Dixit, Sridevi or Urmila. Definitely, I would do my best.”

# “Since I am a perfectionist and aim for the stars. I tend to be hard on myself when I do not achieve my goals. I am hard on myself but as I get older and more mature, I am handling this better”

# “My greatest strengths are my confidence, determination, and my assertiveness. My confidence gives my courage, and strength to fulfil my dreams. My determination gives me stamina to succeed in all I do, and conviction from within. My assertiveness helps me to be the best in all I do. This is why I believe in myself and follow my dreams.”

# “My greatest weakness is the fact that I tend to listen to what others think about me, or something that I do. I try to please everyone, to be the ideal person in everyone’s eyes.”
Parvati Melton Best movie list

Telugu movies
Jalsa [ Pawan Kalyan , Ileana D’Cruz , Parvathi Melton , Kamalinee Mukherjee ]
Madhumasam [ Sumanth , Parvathi Melton , Sneha ]
Vennela [ Raja , Parvathi Melton , Ravi Varma , Sharvanand ]

Malayalam movies
Hallo [ Mohanlal , Parvathi Melton ]



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