Kirumi Review


Director: Anucharan
Producer: S.Rajendran, K.Jayaraman
Production Co: JPR Films
Music Director: Krishnakumar
Cast: Reshmi Menon, Kathir, Charlie, Yogibabu, Dasan, Thennavan


With the film already doing rounds at festival circuits, we watched it with a fair share of expectations and it neither KI1disappointed nor surprised us. Kirumi is a neatly structured thriller with underlying themes of deception, lies and forgiveness splashed all over the screenplay which is partly taut and partly underwhelming, especially towards the wee end of the proceedings.

Kathir, played by Kathir of Madhayaanai Koottam fame, marries his sister’s daughter Anitha (Reshmi Menon) in what looks like a marriage of convenience. The unemployed Kathir mostly spends his time with his friends in their bachelor room. One day he catches his neighbor Prabhakar (Charlie) at work who is employed as a secret informer for the nearby police station. Since Kathir gradually evinces interest in the nature of informer’s work, Prabhakar gets him an opportunity to work for the police inspector in the Friends of Police group.KI2

The job makes Kathir feel that he has joined the real police force itself. He takes prides in his job forgetting the fact it is unrecognizable by the outside world. He informs about gambling in a local bar and traps the owner who once insulted Kathir when he roamed the streets as a carefree youngster. A police official, the enemy of Kathir’s boss, also gets trapped in this gambling case, which eventually pulls Kathir into unforeseen circumstances. Kathir gets alarmed when a gang of thuds kill Prabhakar in front of his eyes and eventually understands the seriousness and harsh reality of his job. How Kathir manages to escape from all his problems when nepotism and corruption join hands to catch him by the neck forms the rest of the plot.

KI3Debutant director Anucharan has showed exemplary skills with his writing which seamlessly knits novel elements of a subject that is never touched upon in Tamil Cinema. Charlie has delivered an understated performance in the film which derails in the second half with a cliched narration. The unexpected third-act of the film, albeit not plausible, makes sense considering the murky atmosphere the film is set in.

The technical values are quite solid with able support from cameraman Arul Vincent, who captures the night life of the city beautifully and K, who delivers gripping background score that ups the ante at many important junctures.
2.5 out of 5 (Fairly Good)

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