Kunchacko Boban speaks bout Asif Ali

Kunchacko Boban speaks bout Asif Ali

Kunchacko Boban

Kunchacko Boban has always had a penchant for striking extraordinary camaraderie with his co-stars, so much that they have ended up collaborating for several films.

His latest venture [email protected] has him reuniting with Asif Ali. “It’s the sixth film that I am doing with him and it’s always been fun acting with him,” says Kunchacko, who had previously worked with the Honeybee actor in Sevenes, Traffic, Dr Love, Ordinary and Mallu Singh.

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[email protected], scripted by Sindhuraj, has the two actors playing brothers Michael Rajamma and Vishnu Yohannan. “It’s a small-but-breezy entertainer about two lazy brothers that people will surely enjoy,” says the Aniyathipraavu actor, who is currently shooting in Kozhikode for the film. Incidentally, Ustad Hotel – which was also set in Kozhikode – had a scene where Mammukoya’s character mistakenly asks Asif, who played himself, if he was actually Kunchacko Boban

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