Kunchacko Boban`s foodie habits

Kunchacko Boban`s foodie habits

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If Kunchacko Boban is part of a movie, you can be assured there’s at least one good tale about food that transpired on the sets.

The Jamnapyari actor has long gushed about his foodie habits but Asif Ali was in for a surprise when the two filmed in Kozhikode for their latest release [email protected]

Asif says, “I remember the first day of our shoot. I was meeting Chackochan after a long time, so I tell him ‘let’s order a special Kozhikode biriyani’ and he says ‘No, I just got a chef and will be having the food he cooks.’ So I imagine it will be something healthy – oats, vegetables et al.”

Kunchacko Boban
Asif recounts that Kunchacko Boban was kind enough to invite him over to his caravan in the afternoon. “I had to abandon my thoughts of having a tasty biriyani and replace that with diet dishes. But once I got in his caravan, I was in for a treat. There were at least 10 different items – from fish fingers to biriyani,” gushes the actor. “So what Chackochan actually does is hire a chef and make him cook whatever he wants. That’s his attitude when it comes to food.”
The Kohinoor star tells us that it’s incidents like this that makes working with Kunchacko Boban a delight. “It’s a breeze when he stars in your film. He treats me like a brother and has a wealth of experience to share. Filming [email protected] though was mainly interesting because of the food,” says Asif.

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