Kuttram Kadithal Review


Director: Bramma.G
Producer: J Sathish Kumar
Production Co: Chris Pictures, JSK Film Corporation
Music Director: Shankar Rengarajan
Cast: Radhika Prasidhha, Master Ajay, Nikhila Kesavan, Pavel Navageethan, Sai Rajkumar, Durga Venugopal

Kuttram Kadithal

Kuttram Kadithal is a rare social drama that will make you ponder, debate, empathise and discuss, all at the same time. It is Ku1astonishing to realize that the film is helmed by a debutant director Bramma G since the kind of audio-visual expertise and the command he displays over the medium is absolutely overwhelming.

The film opens with a small chat between a newlywed couple – Merlin (Radhika Prasidha), and Manikandan(Sai Rajkumar). When Merlin, who plays a school teacher, returns to her profession after a short break post wedding, she finds herself in an unexpected situation inside the class room where she goes as a substitute for another teacher. When a hypersensitive boy Cheziyan behaves mischievously, Merlin gives him a tight slap and all hell breaks loose thereafter. The incident triggers a never ending cat and mouse game between the school administrators, media, police department, hospital staff, Cheziyan’s parents and Merlin.

The movie has terrific performances from its lead actors. Debutant Radhika Prasidha puts into display all her terrific experience from theater play into Merlin. Sai Rajkumar perfectly fits the bill as a sympathetic husband who never judges his wife. Master Ajay as Cheziyan delivers a performance that leaves you wanting for more.Ku2

The technical brilliance Bramma has managed to extract from his team is just outstanding. Music Director Shankar Rangarajan never comes across as a first-timer and impresses with his use of orchestration with potential support from sound designer Anthony Jayaruban. Cameraman Manikandan has showcased the tumultuous happenings in the film with maximum utilization of the objects in the frame. Editing by CS Prem is sharp and by keeping the runtime of the film at just close to two hours, he has won half the battle of his work.

Various topics like sex education, corporal punishment and media scandal are sensibly put forward in Bramma’s thought-provoking dialogues. The rich-poor divide in the film is portrayed in a matured setup and is devoid of stereotypes, which is a rarity in Tamil films.

Ku3The supporting cast including Paval Navageethan, who plays a staunch communist, effortlessly sails through his role. Kulothungan and Durga have done full justice to their roles as the headmaster couple who administer the school.

Kuttram Kadithal is a must watch for all the worthy seekers of cinema. It offers a whole new, piercing experience without any over-the-top characters and cringe-worthy melodrama.
3.6 out of 5 (Very Good)

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