Left Right Left Review

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Cast: Indrajith, Murali Gopy, Remya Nambeesan, Lena, Hareesh Peradi
Direction: Arun Kumar Aravind
Production: M. Renjith
Music: Gopi Sunder

Left Right Left1

issues with a frontage of sense, director Arun Kumar Aravind and his actor-scribe Murali Gopi complement each other with some extreme performances in their departments, creating a rarer experience of a movie that really lives up to the hype. Hats off dear , for a brave, sensible Left3movie that is sure to be called a classic political satire.

‘Left Right Left’ pans through the lives of three different characters with different ideologies and live styles. It sketches the making of the political stalwart ‘Kaitheri Sahadevan (Hareesh Perady ) , Sub Inspector of police K P Jayan(Indrajith) and Roy Joseph (Murali Gopi) who is a political activist , now left into traumas of hemiplegia. His wife Anitha (Lena) a contract lecturer teaching journalism, takes care of Roy who runs an orphanage and also keep in touch with some of the partymen forced out of the party due to their revolutionary thoughts. S I Jayan, who is nicknamed as ‘Vattu’ jayan for his brutal take on student strikes, is all after a married Jennifer (Remya Nambeesan) a nurse, whose drug addict husband is currently under de addiction treatment.The lives of all of them gets intertwined as a newspaper scoop unearthing a scandalous bribe of 3.5 crores paid to Sahadevan appear in a local newspaper.

The movie with an ordinary storyline, but excels due to its an extraordinary narrative and dialogues from Murali gopi. He uses the best of his expertise and experience that he had as a Journalist before joining movies, to craft some of the well etched scenes which also reveals how the dictatorship can affect even a strong ideology like that of communism . With an impressive tag line ‘Revolution is homemade’ , the movie rightly answers how our childhood influences and the environment affect our choices, nature and dogmas when we become adults. Also the costumes, mannerisms of the lead actors and their body languages are spellbound, leaving the direction of Arun Kumar a few notches above from his previous ‘ EAK’.Left2

The highlight of the movie is perfect casting with each of the actors giving their heart out to refine their characters. P.K Jayan, the psycho sub-inspector is the best ever role that happened to Indrajith, that had him playing the best of his elements. The sequences of this rough and tough policeman with an impressive past, is sure to be played out in future as the best from the actor. Equally competing with him is Murali Gopi, who is picture perfect in the role of a spirited, paralysed revolutionary who believe in his ideals imbibed from his father. Harish Perady as Sahadevan is a real find in a life -like role whom we can easily find parallels while Lena as Anitha , a women of strength leads the performances from the ladies.

Left1The technical sides are topnotch with another fine cinematography by award winner Shahnad Jaleel. The editing by the director Arun is sharp , though the final flashback sounded a little lagging. Keeping away the allegation of lifting, Gopi Sundar’s melodious songs and BGM suits the movie perfectly. The art direction by Ajayan chalisserry is aplomb and the period and geographical settings, fine.

On the whole, Left ,Right Left’ is a daringly different attempt from the director, which has a sense of sparkle and subtlety , all over it. With proper marketing, the movie is sure to have plenty of takers who love movies of this magnitude of impressions.

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