Loka Samastha Review

Director: Sajith Sivan
Producer: Madhu S Nair
Music Director: Prem Kumar Vatakara
Cast: Aju Varghese, Anu Mohan, Kalabhavan Mani, Poojitha, K. B. Ganesh Kumar, Suraj Venjaramoodu, Madan Mohan, Sreekumar

Loka Samastha

‘Loka Samastha’ talks of the tale of Chithal Rajan (Kalabhavan Mani), who had witnessed his dad being slaughtered by the cops LS3in cold blood. Rajan emerges to be a revolutionary who flees from one city to the other, with the police hot on his heels.

His sister Gayatri (Poojitha) who never much gets to meet him in person falls in love with Sarath (anu Mohan), and is shattered when she realizes that her brother is responsible for her the murder of her beau’s father. She tries her best to make Rajan see sense, while Sarath vows to wreak vengeance on his dad’s murderers.

It remains that there is nothing earth breaking when it comes to the narrative in ‘Loka Samastha’ and the film tells a common place tale that we have heard several times before. Revenge and retribution find no fresh expression in ‘Loka Samastha’ and it all works out plainly as we anticipate them to.

The film also talks of a thief menace at the housing colony where Sarath and Gayatri are put up, and attempt to bring in some humor in the otherwise grave scenario. With little success in raking u some laughter, the plot appears stretched out beyond the limits on occasions as these.LS2

There are the elements of vigour and dynamism that the film liberally borrows from its predecessors, and the verbal suggestions of an impending red revolution. None of this serves the purpose of lionizing its premise, and at the end of it all, ‘Loka Samastha’ appears little more than a few under cooked sequences that seem sappy and bland.

It’s a very mundane climax that all this leads to, and it turns out without doubt that the ending is perhaps the weakest part of the entire film. Almost feeling like having banged into a wall, the climax of the film is quite abrupt and leaves a sour taste in the mouth.

Preachiness and dullness could very well turn out to be a lethal combo when it comes to films, and ‘Loka Samastha’ suffers from this very vital flaw.it isn’t surprising then that you care little for the characters in it, and even less for the story that they are a part of.

LS1‘Loka Samastha’ could very well boast of some decent performances from the leading cast, and almost all of them deliver their goods with aplomb. Especially noteworthy is the leading pair – Poojitha and Anu Mohan – who with their restrained performances bring in an air of solemnity to the proceedings.

Chithal Rajan is yet another role that we are used to seeing Kalabhavan Mani in, and the rage and resentment in his eyes convey the message straight across. There is K B Ganesh Kumar in a significant role as well, while Aju Varghese Sreekumar lend support. ‘Loka Samastha’ has been neatly caught on camera by Rajesh Narayanan, though there is certainly no visual wizardry on show.

‘Loka Samastha’ is thus one of those films where there is plenty of bark, but with little bite. It’s a tiring and uninspiring slog of a film that steadily falls apart from start to finish.

1.5 out of 5 (Poor, A Few Good Parts) 1.5 out of 5 (Poor, A Few Good Parts)

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