Maad Dad Review

Cast: Lal, Shwetha Menon, Archana kavi, Harishree Ashokan, Salimkumar, Lalu Alexand Janaardhanan
Direction: Ravathi.S.Varma
Production: P.N Vanugopal
Music: Alex Paul

Maad Dad

Yet another lady director Revathy Varma is in the Mollywood commercial fray with ‘Mad Dad’. The much publicized movie but end up as an MD2average fare, with a flimsy story line that goes on sometimes leading us to boredom.

The movie has Lal in the title character, Palachottil Kuriakose Easow , who is still nurturing his life with his wife Anuradha (Meghanaraj)who was lost long back in an accident. After suffering a depression, he is now living for his daughter Maria(Nasriya) who is studying abroad. Though very protective, Easow also make sure that his caring nature never comes as an obstacle in her life. As Maria comes back from her studies, she introduced her father about the love affair with Boney(Srejith Vijay). But once Easow realises that Boney is the son of Soda Mathen(lalu Alex), he starts to look into the relation with a different eye, which leads him to psychosis .

The movie doesn’t have anything fresh in its narratives or presentation styles. A hotch- potch of many melodrama sequences that we have witnessed in many pot boilers of the past, ‘Mad Dad ‘hardly leaves any impression with any of its departments. The director Revathy Varma doesn’t show her experience in directing four films, that too in three different languages, before coming up with this absurdest tale. Her scripts are a big mess with no story of coherence and cringy dialogues. Revathy is not able to bring out any appreciable acting from even safer players like Lal and Meghna raj. And naturally the newcomers also suffer best in performances, though Nasriya shows that she is definitely a talent to lookout for in future. Even the many number of songs by Alex Paul doesn’t last long to provide any sort ofMD1 entertainment. The only solace in the entire film comes in the form of Pradeep Nair’s cinematography which stands odd in an otherwise very average flick.

As of now, this ‘Mad Dad’ has little substance to survive in the Box Office for long. Most probably you will find some new releases in theatres screening this movie, by next week itself.

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