Madonna Sebastian:I loved the concept, so didn’t read script

Madonna Sebastian:I loved the concept, so didn’t read script

Madonna Sebastian

Madonna Sebastian shot to fame with just one film, ‘Premam’, and post its release, she turned one of the most popular actresses in the industry.

However, even before Premamreleased, Madonna had shot for a film, which none knew much about — Humans of Someone — directed by Sumesh Lal. Madonna, who is basically a singer, says she was so hooked by the film that to date, she hasn’t read the script. “After I got an idea of the film, I didn’t want to listen to the story, I just wanted to go with the flow. It was an incredible experience. The beauty of it was that I had no idea what Sumesh Lal was planning to do in each scene. I would just do what he asked me to, and at the end, it would come out really beautiful,” she says. The reason why she picked the film, she says, is because she is a fan of Padmarajan. “Every character in the film portrays a bit of Padmarajan’s characters. I don’t want to reveal more now.”

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Interestingly, the script writer, Nithin Nath, says that they found Madonna so apt for the role that they even moulded the script to suit her. “We have added interesting bits of her real life into the film.” The movie also has dancer Methil Devika and anchor Dhanya Varma in the cast.

Meanwhile, Madonna has finished shoot of the Telugu version of Premam, in which she reprises her role as Celine, with Naga Chaithanya and Shruti Haasan playing the characters of George and Malar. The film, she says, has the same thread of the original though several changes have been made in the scenes. “I don’t know if I will be dubbing for my character, as I still don’t follow Telugu. But I was lucky to get a bunch of people who are very relaxed and fun on the set. They’re always laughing about something or the other, and that is very important when you are new to something.”
Madonna, who had recently put up a music performance to protest the pollution of Periyar river, says that she feels strongly about the cause. “Our intention was to create awareness about the issue. We have come to know about the pollution of Periyar from nearby factories on the basis of solid proof. At the end of the day, all of us in Kochi drink the same water.”
 And what next in films? “I’m focusing on my music band, and would like to spend more time on music for a while. We are planning to perform our new bunch of songs live on stage soon. And as far as films are concerned, I would love to wait for a really good project before committing to anything.”


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