Malayalam Movie David and Goliath stayed

Malayalam Movie David and Goliath stayed


The new movie from Rajeev Nath, ‘David and Goliath’ has been stayed from submitting before sensors by a district session court of the capital city. The movie featuring Jayasuriya and Anoop Menon ran into trouble as the producers, Arun M C of Line of Colours and Sudeep of Saroza marketing, has approached the court against the director for taking the entire credit of producer of the movie . They have also alleged that Rajeev Nath and his banner , Chaaya films has claimed in the application for censoring that he is the sole producer of the movie. Tthey adds that they have already inked an agreement with Rajeevnath for completing the movie in a two crore budget and to present in the banner of lines of colors and Salroza.

The stay order has been given till the 9th of this month, which will result in the release delay of the movie .

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