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Prithiviraj who dons the police officer role in Satyam is clashing with the titans for the Onam season. Son of late actor Sukumaran, Prithiviraj after the success of Velinakshatram was in news for not toeing the AMMA diktat. He has also been linked with the young actresses in Kerala. His future films are for Priyanandan (Neyuthukaran fame) with MT’s story; a film for Lal creations, one film each with director's Vinayan,...


How did you enter films?
When I was five year old, I told my parents that I wanted to become an actress. They just laughed it off as the reaction of a star-struck kid. Ten years later, I had just joined the Plus Two course when I got an offer from Kamal sir. As soon as my work in Nammal was over, Sibi Malayil sir offered me a role in his film Kisan.

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We have heard that you interfere with the scripting of your films?
You are right! My commitment is to the people and the producer. Till Joker I did not interfere with the script because a scriptwriter like Lohitadas does not need one. There are only ten directors in Kerala with whom I don’t interfere and Lohitadas is among them


What does your name signify?
‘Nayan’ means eyes, ‘Tara’ means stars. Eyes which sparkle like stars (smiles)  I was shooting for my first Tamil film. I could not believe that I was going to be cast as Rajni sir's heroine because he has been paired opposite the topmost heroines. They all (including the director) saw me only on the first day of the shooting


“My family is my first priority” – Menaka

Actress Menaka, who essayed powerful lead roles with Mohanlal and Shankar is on a comeback trail. After 19 years she makes a comeback as heroine in small screen. "I never said that I've stopped acting. Now that my daughter has finished her tenth standard....

Mohan Lal

What do you think is the reason for the crisis in filmdom?
Blame lies on producer and stars. Producers should take film-making seriously. Joint responsibility to bring good films is needed.  After a film is released each one comes with suggestions about improving the film. Once my present assignments are over I will demand a full script.


Did you start out as a glamour doll in films?
I was sitting at home doing nothing when an agent came to my house and asked my mother if, I would like to act in a film called Playgirls, (a Tamil film) and if it was okay with me, then I had to report at once. My reply being yes, the same day afternoon I had to face the camera...


Don't you feel that you have been typecast as a hero of family dramas?
Yes, Rajasenan and I together gave lot of hits with subjects that are aimed at family audiences. Our movies have few comedians, a heroine and a storyline, which attracts the families. All Rajasenan and Jayaram movies have been hits. And this has made me typecast as a hero of family dramas...

Kavya Madhavan
I’m not going to say that I didn’t even think about marriage. I want a good and peaceful life. God surely knows when to bring my groom to me. I never said that I wouldn’t do films in other languages. But, this is an information that I’ll have to deny. I’m waiting for good offers.  The film is getting delayed due to callsheet problem of other stars. I hope they begin shooting immediately.

Samvritha Sunil

Could you please tell us something about your family and schooling?
Father: Sunil into hotel business and my mother Sadhana, house wife. I have a sister Sangutha, +2 student and grandmother. During my college days at St.Teresas, Lal uncle and Rajeev uncle called me for a screening test at Rasikanˇ¦s shooting location, where I...