Mamta Mohandas shares her thoughts

Mamta Mohandas shares her thoughts

Mamta Mohandas

Mamta Mohandas might have been away from Mollywood for quite some time due to her illness, but with Two Countries the actress expects to be back with a bang.

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Her break in Los Angeles, USA, has given her enough time to pay attention to the quality of writing in the English TV shows she watches and hopes to bring in those elements in her future projects. Mamta tells us, “I get time to watch a lot of episodes and learn from repeatedly viewing them. They inspire me to improve my roles.” The actress though admits it’s easier said than done. “I know if I am constantly in Kerala and in tune with what is happening I would be doing something more exciting,” she says, admitting that she has always been operating remotely, especially from Bahrain before and Los Angeles now.
The Passenger actress also hopes to work closely with scriptwriters and technicians in this phase of her career by spending more time here. “I have also evolved as a person and I am waiting for that to be shown on screen. I don’t want to take up run-of-the-mill scripts,” she adds.

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