Manhunt launched for child rapist Vijesh Kooriyil who fled to India on the eve of his trial

Vijesh Kooriyil

A ‘dangerous’ child rapist is at large after he fled to India the night before his trial.
Vijesh Kooriyil, aged 29, raped a six-year-old boy up to three times a week after he trapped him in his bedroom, a court heard.

Now an international manhunt has been launched for Kooriyil, who had been allowed to keep his passport despite the charges against him.
He was found guilty in his absence of the assaults in 2010 and 2011 after the trial went ahead despite him boarding a plane to Delhi the night before.
Business manager Kooriyil was convicted of two counts of rape by a unanimous jury and given an extended jail sentence of 18 years.
Now an international manhunt is under way for Kooriyil, from Eastbourne, in East Sussex, so he can be brought back to the UK to face justice.

Passing sentence at Oxford Crown Court, Judge Peter Ross branded the abuse ‘appalling’ and said Kooriyil had ‘degraded and humiliated’ the boy.
He added: ‘Vijesh Kooriyil deployed the all too familiar ways of gaining a child’s trust.

‘He would often call the boy to come and play with him. Some of those games were innocent enough, but others took place in the defendant’s bedroom.
‘It was there, having secured the door with string and a nail, that the defendant began to rape a six year old, then seven year old boy.’

Kooriyil came to UK from India as a student, and was living in Oxford when he carried out the abuse.
Prosecutor David Smith said the crimes only came to light after the boy started learning about sex at school and realised what had happened to him.

He added: ‘He started to feel ashamed about what had happened to him, it made him feel angry and confused. He is very suspicious, not with children, but with adults. He cannot understand why he did such a thing to him.’

Kooriyil was arrested in Scotland then released on unconditional bail because he had no previous cautions or convictions.
His passport was not seized because his court bail was unconditional, police said.

Judge Ross criticised the Crown Prosecution Service (CPS) for only charging Kooriyil with two rapes, when he was sure the abuse was much more sustained.


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