Masala Padam Review

Director: Laxman Kumar
Producer: Vijayaraghavendra, Laxman Kumar
Production Co: Allin Pictures
Music Director: Karthik Acharya
Cast: Mirchi Siva, Bobby Simha, Gaurav, Lakshmi Devy, Harini Rameshkrishnan, Murali Satagoppan, Hari Ramesh, Sri Hari, Srini Suryaprakasam, Hyde karty, Harini Ramesh

Masala Padam

Masala Padam is yet another example of an awesome concept gone miserably wrong with a bland story-telling technique and MP3below par film-making. The very premise of ‘criticizing’ the film critics and throwing them a challenge looks like a bang-up plotline to weave your story around.

What happens when a bunch of enthusiastic film bloggers and critics are challenged by a mainstream producer to come up with a film that will satisfy all sorts of audiences? A film which is filled with good masala elements. This is what the story of Masala Padam is all about.
To make their film, the critics decide to follow three real-life personalities to write the screenplay around their characters. They stumble upon Mani (played Mirchi Siva), a carefree youngster who hails from a middle class background, Amudhan (played by Bobby Simha), the most sought after gangster -stop drawing parallels with Jigarthanda – and a youngster named Krish (played by Gaurav).

The aspects of film-making and screenwriting go for a toss when debutant director Laxman dishes out amateurish ideas to his characters in their journey to make a film. If Laxman’s objective is to create a satirical exhibition on how biased and narrow-minded the new age critics from the internet generation are, he should have shown the real factors that go into the film-making process.MP2

The various sequences where comedy could have played a big role appear underwhelming thanks to the lackluster writing by Laxman. Mirchi Shiva is the only silver lining in the film who MP1offers some occasional moments of laughter to the audiences. Bobby Simha, who nailed as a gangster with a national award winning performance in Jigarthanda, struggles with his stone-faced expressions here.

Toting up, director Laxman misses a competent opportunity to deliver an interesting film with Masala Padam which brims with engaging ideas.
2.2 out of 5 (Okay)

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