Mayamohini Review

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Cast: Dileep, Lakshmi Rai, Mythili, Biju Menon
Direction: Jose Thomas
Production: P. Sukumar, Madhu Warrier
Music: Berny-Ignatius

After a shaky start this year with a half baken Spanish masala, Dileep is back to something that he knows best…mimicking…This time he is offering his version of a Mrs. Doubtfire or Avvai Shanmughi in the movie ‘Mayamohini’. No comparisons intended, this is a fun movie that manages to work fairly well at least to the half way mark. And the rest is that typical Sibi K Thomas- Udhay Krishna twists and a predictable climax.

The plot is all about Balakrishnan (Biju Menon), a millionaire whose ventures repeatedly fail to kick start due to his terribly bad times. Guided and aided by his friend and advocate Lakshmy Narayan,(Baburaj), Balakrishnan’ now start believing in his family astrologer who predicts sunny days only after a girl born on a Chothy( moon star) entering his life. Incidentally his meeting with Maya(Lekshmi Rai), the daughter of a businessman, born on Chothi Nakshatra offers him with plenty of hopes.But instead of ending up as a worthy relationship it now takes an ‘U’ turn as Maya and her father disappears with a hefty sum belonging to Balakrishnan. Now left in a situation to make some money to pay back his debts to one Shankaran Potty(Nedumudi Venu) with whom Balakrishnan has stricken a land deal, the latter needs to transfer his ancestral property to his name and to convince his uncle about his happy married life. And here we have Mayamohini,(Dileep) a beautiful girl ready to play the part of Balakrishnan’s wife. The associated running around, confusions and chaos forms the rest of the movie

The highlight of the movie is the usual pacing in the former half by the scriptwriting duo, with their share of laughable jokes, double entendres and some crass comedies. Though the unrealistic situations and half-baked characters may not be applauded by the viewers looking for the fresh narratives, ‘Mayamohini’ offers what you expect of a film by the Sibi-Udhay combo. Baburaj has his lines to leave the viewers in splits and with Biju menon, he scores much in the initial reels, but the latter appear lost after the interval. And in its attempt to turn serious , the latter half looses its steam, with the climax ending up as a mess. Perhaps a tight script with a more convincing story line could have made it a top hit of the year. The direction by Jose Thomas is strictly average, with the director also loosing his leads in the end.

As far as the performances are concerned, Dileep manages to do the ‘Mohini act’ with flair and remains only one actor actor in the Mollywood circuit to give justice to the role. He takes pains to make the Mohini believable but may not get big appreciations for the other avatar. Baburaj is slowly turning typecast, but manages the show with �lan and loud approval. BijuMenon is just ok while the rest of the cast including Lekshmy rai, Mydhili and Vijayaraghavan has not much to do. The technical aspects of the movie amply support the mood of the narratives. But the songs by Berny Ignacius are just average.

.Mayamohini’ can be your weekend watch, if you are not a discerning viewer looking for quality stuff only. For others, there are plenty of chuckles and twists in the offering, which may gratify you for an onetime watch.

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