Mega Star v/s Universal Star !

Mega Star v/s Universal Star !

After quite some time, the theatres in Kerala are having goods time with Malayalam films as the superstar movies are registering good collections at the Box Office. Venciile Vyapari’ and ‘oru Marubhumikkadha’ has made a flying start that will help the theatres to earn some revenue with Mollywood films. For the last couple of months ,most of them were after Other Language films, that did some good business all over kerala.

But the movie that got stuck in between seems to be Beautiful, directed by V K Prakash with Jayasurya, Anoop Menon and Meghna Raj, which was taken of from quite a number of centres due to these super star films. Though the movie has got a positive word of mouth, lesser stars couldn’t make a winning situation for the film.

Director V K Prakash is feeling not so good for the industry and find this a sorry situation where even good films can’t even fetch audience and continue in release centres for more than a couple of weeks. As per the industry sources, some centres will go for a re-release of ‘Beautiful’ after the hungama over the current superstar flicks are over.

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