Minister finalised the method of dismantling the Mullaperiyar dam

A high level conference convened by Minister for Water Resources P. J. Joseph on Tuesday finalised the method of dismantling the Mullaperiyar dam.A chapter on dismantling the structure is to be included in the detailed project report on the new dam to be submitted to the empowered committee on Mullaperiyar, set up by the Supreme Court, on September 29.

Water will be siphoned into the new dam from the old dam for the initial filling of the new dam. Subsequently, the baby dam and upper portion of the main dam will be demolished.The actual depth to which the old dam should be demolished will be finalised later. However, partial demolition of the structure (to be undertaken when the water level is low) will be needed to ensure spillway efficiency of the new dam.

Mr. Joseph told reporters after the conference that debris from the demolition of the old dam would be transported to Thekkady in barges. About 38 per cent of the debris would be rubble, which could be used for construction purposes. The balance, which would be mainly surki, could be used for laying roads and other purposes.

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