‘Mohalla Assi’: Sunny Deol ‘abuses gods’, booked with 8 others

‘Mohalla Assi’: Sunny Deol ‘abuses gods’, booked with 8 others

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A court here on Saturday directed police to lodge an FIR against film actors Sunny Deol, Ravi Kishan, Sakshi Tanwar and six others for allegedly “abusing” Hindu gods and goddesses in their movie ‘Mohalla Assi’.

The FIR was ordered by the court on a complaint case filed by lawyer Sudheer Kumar Jha on June 30.

The complaint said though the movie could not be released at cinema houses on orders from a court in New Delhi, it found its way to the internet. The complainant claimed he had seen the movie and was shocked to see Lord Shiva, goddesses and ‘pandas’ of Kashi being called names.

Mohalla Assi

This will agitate Hindu sentiments which may ultimately affect the national integrity, he said and named the director and producer of the movie besides the actors as the accused.

The next date of hearing of the case is expected to be fixed after police lodge the FIR and inform the court about it.

Responding to another complaint case, the same court ordered police to lodge an FIR against Andhra Pradesh MP P Ravindra Babu for allegedly making a statement that Indian youths join military services only to get free food and free liquor.

The case was filed on June 30 by Ram Naresh Thakur who has retired from the Indian Navy. He accused the MP of hurting the sentiments of lakhs of retired and working military personnel and demoralizing the country’s defence forces.

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