Moonu Wicketinu 365 Runs Review

Director: K K Haridas
Music Director:
Cast: Jagathy Sreekumar, Harisree Asokan, Guinness Pakru, Navas, K. P. A. C. Lalitha, Saddique, Kalpana

Moonu Wicketinu 3651

‘Moonu Wicketinu 365 Runs’ is an outdated filmi piece that astounds you with its outlandishness. No wonder then, that the film looks and feels like some badly burned comet that had blown up and dropped in somewhere from outer space.

Dhanushkodi (Kalabhavan Navas) works at a local department store run by Malleswari (Praseetha), and has convinced his folks back home that he holds a managerial position at the firm, though the truth is far from it. When his friend Thulasi (Harisree Ashokan) decides to pay him a visit, Dhanush doesn’t know where to hide, and has no other choice but to let Thulasi into his very modest accommodation.

Director K K Haridas must have crafted this film eons back, and believe me, it shows. Surprisingly, the fissures aren’t that much visible on screen, except in a couple of scenes, which looks jaded and too badly lit. As for the rest, the film has somehow managed to look unmarked, while the content continually proclaims its age.

Moonu Wicketinu 365

Story wise, there isn’t anything that merits a discussion in ‘Moonu Wicketinu 365 Runs’, and one is reminded of the insane number of films that were released during the early 90’s that ran on similar tale lines.

Perhaps the major difference is that ‘Moonu Wicketinu 365 Runs’ falls awfully low when it comes to the humorous elements in it. There are few instances that productively manage to rake up some laughter, and even fewer ones that would arouse your thinking skills.

When it comes to the major instances in the film, loudness prevails. It’s another matter altogether that the film establishes beyond doubt that a movie that runs for one hundred and forty five minutes could be cooked up without even having a credible story in sight.

There is not a character in ‘Moonu Wicketinu 365 Runs’ that catches your fancy, forget creating an impression on you. I guess it would be a bit too much to expect something on those lines in a film as this, but you hope against hope anyway.

There were of course the hoardings that promised Jagathy Sreekumar in ten different avatars, and the veteran actor does appear in a variety of roles that range from a sub inspector to a pastor, a local thief to a dance instructor. But if you ask me, none of these roles add to the value of the film and serve little purpose except for the amusement that these multiple roles offer.

Looks like the film has been languishing in the bin for quite a while, since you also get to see the late actor Cochin Haneefa in the role of a house owner. Praseetha who is much more familiar to the audiences of the day, thanks to her comic avatar as a roly-poly aunt on a very popular television show, looks unbelievably slim and much younger, stating that time simply flies.

‘Moonu Wicketinu 365 Runs’ is a wholly wasted exercise that should have better stayed inside the cans. By unearthing it and presenting it before an audience in 2015, they have only managed to exhibit a fossil of a film that is a matter of discomfiture to all concerned.

0.5 out of 5 (Below Average, A Few Good Parts)

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