Moz And Cat

Cast: Dileep, Aswathy Ashok, Baby Nivedhitha.

Cast: Dileep, Aswathy Ashok, Baby Nivedhitha.   Direction: Fazil
Production: Johny Sagariga
Music: Ouseppachan.

This movie tells the story of the rare relationship between a young fun loving conman named Mos D Samuel with a nine-year-old child, lovingly called as Cat.

Mos is a happy go lucky orphan, who lives by creating mischievous stories and telling some simple lies.

He doesn’t believe in relationships and hates to bear associated strains.

But when he chances to meet a young nine year old kid Tessy, he couldn’t resist from becoming her best friend.

Into their interesting relation comes Nandhana (Aswathy), who aims to bring back her brother Sumesh -a drug addict – to days of normalcy.


She believes that the very memories of their happy childhood days can work that magic which will eliminate his bad manoevores.

‘Moz And Cat’ does have some mildly amusing moments in the former half, but the story seems to have gone out of control and just swells out.

The movie floats on a safe pace till the interval, but there after half a dozen flashback stories suggesting the groundwork of affairs, and successive overly melodramatic sequences turns it weak and complicated, making a stark departure from the characteristic Fazil design.

Thereafter, within a few minutes it turns out to become a structural mess, with the efforts to built suspense or tension, laying flat with bizarre, inflated moments, that is hardly stimulating or engaging.

Though the narratives are not easily predictable, the lack of good plot gears and very familiar screen ploys destroys the soul of the movie, if any.

The song sung by and visualized on Jagathy and other comedians that pops out in the later half is also an ineffectual exercise that ends up as a torture .

The veteran film maker seems to be not in the best of his days, in story telling and his flawed direction in a regrettable finale, that very well topple down to tumbles, seals the inevitable destruction.

In the acting front ”Baby Nivedhitha” deserves laurels for her timing and brilliance onscreen while debutante Ashwathy Ashok also shows promises of tomorrow’s star material.

Dileep excels with his soft numbers in the former half, but doesn’t have much to essay in the later proceedings.

Rahman does have good screen presence, but his dubbing takes the grace off the character.

All others in the cast are in their regular roles without much meat to capture our imagination.

Fazil will stick to his success formula of stranger, unconventional stories and relationships and their emotional backlashes.

Planned as a humorous family story, the movie will feature four songs set to music by Ouseppachan.

The others in the cast are Jagathy, Janardanan, Harisri Asokan, Sudish, Anoop Chandran, and Krishna Kumar.

The movie also will have a medley song sung by the comedy artists and picturised on them.

Fazil’s regular cameraman Aanandakuttan is in charge of the cinematography while Don Max handles the editing.

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