‘Mullapoo Viplavam’ is a controversial theme

‘Mullapoo Viplavam’ is a controversial theme

Mullapoo Viplavam

Biopics and films based on real life incidents have gained much prominence in the film industry.

These films are reflective of the society we live in and make us ponder over things that matter and things that need to be changed. The recent one to join the league is the film titled Mullapoo Viplavam, which revolves around the incident, where in a college professor’s right palm was cut off for allegedly including an inflammatory content in a question paper.

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The incident which shocked Malayalis in the year 2010, will be made into a feature film and it will be directed by Walter D Cruz. Nedumudi Venu will be playing a prominent role in the film. Mullapoo Viplavam is Walter’s second film, the former being Puthappu. Walter says, “The film will be centered on how the professor’s life undergoes a complete transition, after the particular incident. We plan to start the shooting from November.”
He adds, “Sona Nair, Indrans, Aliyar and MR Gopakumar will be doing prominent roles in the film, among others.”


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