My daughter is my priority: Says Sudeep

My daughter is my priority: Says Sudeep


It was a usual Saturday morning, one where the father prepares breakfast for his daughter. That’s Kannada star Sudeep and his 11-year-old daughter Saanvi’s weekend routine whenever he is in town. And it was not any different even amid news of a separation in the family that broke out over the weekend. The father-daughter duo spent some quality time at their JP Nagar home in Bengaluru before the actor left for Mysuru to complete his commitment towards an ongoing cricket tournament.


Sudeep and Priya cited personal differences to move the family court to end their marriage of 14 years on Friday. Priya has claimed custody of their daughter, Saanvi, and Sudeep is said to have consented, too. “The divorce does not translate into any change in the way my daughter and I connect. She is very special to me. She is my only daughter and I love her very much. She is my priority and I will always be there for her,” says Sudeep.

The news of the separation of the couple, who had a love marriage, was received with shock by the star’s fans. The two are known to have been living separately for more than four years now, when Priya moved out of the couple’s JP Nagar home along with their now-11-year-old daughter to an apartment on Sarjapur Road. Priya initiated a divorce process back then, but the two decided to give their relationship another chance. Even while living apart, Sudeep and Priya continued to be cordial with each other and made public appearances together when required. The actor also invested in and was part of an event management company set up by Priya in 2013.

The couple cited personal reasons for their decision to part even as rumour mills are abuzz with the differences between them. Since the couple had been living separately for more than six months, a mandatory period for a divorce by mutual consent, the legal process will most likely be fast-tracked.

About the alleged alimony of `19 crore, Sudeep says simply, “I am doing this for my daughter and wife.”

It’s over! The story so far
# Sudeep and Priya met through a common friend. They fell in love when he was yet to begin his career as an actor and she was employed with a bank.
# Overcame resistance from family before marrying in 2001.
# The couple welcomed the birth of their daughter in 2004.
# Sudeep’s career moved on an upswing after a few years of initial struggle.
# Rumours of trouble in the marriage surfaced in 2009-10.
# Priya and daughter moved out of the family home in 2011.
# The couple allegedly worked towards a compromise to maintain a cordial relationship, for their daughter as well as in the public eye.
# They set up an event management company together in 2013.
# Divorce petition was initiated by Priya in August this year, to which Sudeep has consented.
# Filed for divorce on mutual consent on September 11, 2015.
# Custody of child is expected to go to Priya, with visitation rights for Sudeep in place.
# An official settlement of `19 crore is in play with a legal ruling expected in six months.

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