My hubby is not as short tempered as me:Poornima Indrajith

My hubby is not as short tempered as me:Poornima Indrajith

Poornima Indrajith

Being the star wife to actor Indrajith and belonging to the first family of Mollywood is just one of the tags former actress Poornima Indrajith enjoys. Judge in a reality show on TV, crusader for adoption of animals… Poornima juggles her different roles with ease, while being a full-time mother to two adorable daughters, Prarthana and Nakshatra. Poornima speaks about how she manages it all and about her life and career. Excerpts:

What made you take up the TV reality show, Ugram Ujjwalam? I have always wanted to step out of my comfort zone and challenge myself. Dance is something you can judge according to certain parameters but in this show, it could be dance today, karate tomorrow and daredevilry the next day! I had to do homework each day. Also, it is an age no bar, gender no bar, language no bar show.

How do you deal with the criticism you receive regarding the show? I agree that many of these acts are bizarre. I don’t promote extreme acts and make it very clear when the violence goes overboard. But these people are doing such acts after years of practice, it shows their dedication than violence per se. Having said that, will I watch such acts with family? No. I also don’t encourage children participating in risky shows. People often ask why I react in an over-the-top manner. But when you watch these in close proximity, you cannot help it.

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Do you get to spend time together as a family? Who among you is the more indulgent parent? I bring the kids to work 90 percent of the time. Indran too takes them often to set. You don’t need to spend a lot of time, it’s the quality of the time which matters. We try not to talk about work while together. Indran is an understanding person. He is not as short tempered as me and pampers the kids when he is around. They put on their best behaviour and then he wonders what I am complaining about. But it’s always like that; the fathers get the credit while the mothers do all the work.

Do you have get-togethers with Prithviraj and his family? Both Indran and Prithviraj are always away for shooting and Amma (Mallika Sukumaran) is in Qatar so it is difficult, but we manage to spend time together once in a while. We don’t go out much together but they live close by and we have get-togethers at home; we prefer it that way. Just like in any other home, nothing special. Supriya is a fantastic cook and she brings all kinds of stuff when we do dinners together. But I take the liberty of being a working woman, so I never cook. ‘For once, cook,’ she would tell me (laughs). And now vava (Prithviraj’s daughter) is also there. All the kids take after their fathers. This is the best time for a family when a baby is in this stage moving about.

You also have a girl gang of actress friends… Yes, Swetha Menon, Geethu Mohandas, Manju Warrier, Samyuktha… Geethu has been my friend for the longest time, ever since Onnu Muthal Poojyam Vare where I too worked in as a child. After my marriage too, she has been a friend all through; we have seen each other grow. That was the base. She brought me closer to Samyuktha; but we have worked together in Megha Malhar. Manju and I have worked together in Innalekillathe. We don’t party or anything, it’s more like a kid’s party; they get play time together. But we are there for each other. And no, we don’t talk work at all. Maybe that’s why the relationships go smooth. When we want to be just ourselves and not the professionals we are, we are there for each other.

Any plans of taking up films? Cinema and TV made me what I am. But cinema demands a lot of your time. When you do cinema you can do only cinema; you can’t tell them you have two children, you have a business, that you will shoot only in Kochi or you will work only from nine to five. It’s a huge industry and the hard work of so many people is involved. It’s all about priorities for married actresses, not that anything is wrong with the profession. My family has always supported me in whatever I have done. I’m thankful about that and I want to be there if they need me for something tomorrow. I don’t want to be so occupied that I don’t have time for them!

Are you a fitness freak? I eat everything and do only basic yoga. But I don’t overeat either, I just need the taste of the foods I like. It’s quality over quantity!

So what next? I guess everything is there in you and you start exploring them as and when you need them. I have no idea what tomorrow may bring and I like to explore new things. The excitement factor keeps me going.

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