Mythili`s wish to present more skills

Mythili`s wish to present more skills

Mythili’s latest role in the movie Godse as a theatre artiste seems to have struck a chord with the actress.

Mythili is elated that she will be seen in different avatars in the movie, directed by Adimadhyantham fame Sherrey. “I play Kasturba Gandhi, Kannaki and several others but only because my character in the movie, Magdalana Gomez, is a theatre artiste and those are the roles she enact in her plays,” Mythili explains. “Even after the performance is over, Magdalana carries a part of the character with her and speaks and acts like them.”
The actress now says that it was an amazing experience to play the character. The training she underwent for the role and the experience of acting in the movie have fuelled an urge in her to do more of theatre. “I always wanted to be an active part of theatre and want to put all my energy into it this time. There are no retakes in theatre and it’s all about performance,” she says.
Mythili also tells us that she’s now full of energy and wants to use every opportunity that comes her way. “I want to acquire as many skills as I can. I don’t want to waste a single moment in my life,” she says.

“My yearning for more knowledge made me assist director Ranjith in Loham. Now, I have learnt a lot about cinematography, editing and composing.” That’s not all, the actress has also crooned for Loham and her upcoming release Mohavalayam will see her doing a Kathak performance. “It’s an Umrao Jaan style dance number. Though it’s just a montage, I loved performing for it,” says Mythili, who will be seen as a bar owner in the movie.

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