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How to look younger- Tips

Fri Jan 30, 2009 2:40 pm

You can take years off your face by just making a few changes to your look. Here are some tips.

At times, in an effort to look younger than we really are, we dress up in a manner inappropriate for our age. Although certain clothes may make us look younger than we really are, certain other clothes may make us look as if we are trying hard too hard to be young. It is, therefore, important to dress age-appropriate. Denim minis, for example, are best discarded from your wardrobe when you enter your mid-twenties.


Some of us like to keep in touch with fashion at all times, while others prefer just wearing what they think looks good on them. If you rather not keep pace with changes in fashion, stick to the middle ground. Don't make the mistake that many women do and wear something totally old-fashioned. Instead, wear something that's classy or current, though it may not be the latest trend. To take an example, if the latest trend in white shirts is satin collars, that doesn't mean your white shirt needs to have satin collars. Similarly, if the trend twenty years ago was to have tie-up lace collars, make sure your white shirt is not THAT old-fashioned either. If you are not following trends, then don't follow older trends either. Wearing clothes that are hopelessly old-fashioned does make you look older than you really are.

If you are in your thirties, even if you feel as though you are in your teens, try not to dress like a teenager. Remember, you don't need to try to look young if you are in your thirties you ARE young! Just strive to look your best.


Severe hairstyles make you look older than softer ones, so if you tie up all your hair in a tight bun, you will look older than if you leave your hair loose.

Ponytails take years off most women's faces, as do blunt cuts. Similarly, wearing your hair long and loose, without too many waves or steps, can also make you look young. But if the ends of your hair look like rats tails, you're better off cutting it shorter.

Although there's no doubting the fact that braiding your hair in two plaits will make you look younger, this is a hairstyle completely inappropriate for anyone older than eighteen.


Getting rid of excessive weight will not only make you look and feel better, it will also make you look and feel younger. That's right, overweight people tend to look a little older than their slimmer counterparts.

Hair colour

Do you have a lot of grey hair? If so, concealing grey hair with a darker hair dye, as opposed to a lighter hair dye, can make you look younger. A jet black hair colour may be too stark and may often look artificial, so opt for a dark brown instead. Resist the temptation to go in for very light shades especially if your natural hair colour is black/brown, because lighter hair makes Indian women look older. Even when colouring your hair, remember that you may look older if you go lighter. However, older doesn't necessarily mean worse, and often women look older, but prettier and more glamorous after a highlight.

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