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How to prevent eye problems

Tue Feb 10, 2009 1:23 pm

Ignoring regular eye care can invite serious eye problems. Learn to take proper care of your eyes and have a clear vision and eye sight throughout life.

Our eyes are most precious and sensitive organs of the body. However eye care is taken for granted. Eye problems arise as a result of ignoring eye care in most of the cases. Taking such risk can result in loss of the vision in future. Therefore you should learn to prevent eye problems from the beginning itself.

As computer has become an inevitable part of daily life eye problems are common. Though eye problems are usual they can be prevented. You need to be a little careful and wise to avoid major eye-problems. Read on and learn some rules of thumb to protect your precious set of eyes.

Daily eye care

Make eye care a part of your daily life. It will be much easier for you to chuck out the eye problem from the root. Here are some tips for daily eye care

Wash your eyes with cold water at least twice or thrice a day.

Keep cucumber slices on your eyes for soothing them after work that put strain on your eyes.

Drink adequate amount of water each day.

Include food rich in vitamin A, C and E in your diet.

Eye exercises

Eye exercises are vital for preventing eye problems. Looking up, looking down, looking at the corners, palming, moving eyes in circular motion, concentrating on one point are some simple ways of doing eye exercises. Regular eye exercise provides benefits like improved vision, maintenance of eyesight, reducing eye stress, etc. One should do eye exercises regularly to get all the benefits. Eye exercise is the effortless way of avoiding serious eye problems. You can also try yoga for eyes which helps you to maintain your eyesight.

Contact lens care

Taking care of your contact lenses is an important aspect of eye care and hygiene. As contact lenses are closest to eye, more care is necessary. However preferring contact lenses over eye glasses can help you to maintain your eye number. You should clean your contact lenses regularly. You should use suitable products for cleaning your lenses. Try to keep your contact lenses moist and remove them while sleeping.

Contact lenses are available in various forms like coloured contact lenses, hard contact lenses, soft contact lenses, etc. Each type of contact lens is required to be handled differently. You should try to learn more about the type of contact lenses you are using. This will help you to take proper care of your lenses and avoid contamination. Contamination of contact lenses can create serious eye problems. Follow the instructions given by your optician while using your contact lenses.

Wearing eye glasses

Eye Glasses are an important tool to protect eyes. Eye glasses protect the eyes from the direct exposure of light. They also help to protect eyes from tiny dust particles causing harm. It also protects eyes from the heat and the radiations of the sun. You can also use spectacles specially designed to prevent eye problems due to computer. It is advisable to wear sunglasses to protect your eyes from harsh sunrays.

Regular eye check up

Regular eye check up is essential to know the condition of your eyes. You can find out the increase or decrease in your eye number. This will help you to take suitable measures to prevent eye problems. You will also be able to seek expert's help regularly. You should visit an eye specialist for a check up at least once in a year.

Avoiding eye strain

If you want to avoid eye strain you need to follow some simple remedies. Have a quick look at the tips for preventing eye strain and avoid eye problems.

Avoid working on computer, reading or writing continuously for long hours, take short breaks in between

Make sure that there is sufficient light while working

Avoid holding paper or book too close or too far from your eyes while reading

Use spectacles continuously if you have eye number

Try blinking your eyes frequently to keep them moist
Your eyes speak; let them speak clearer and louder by preventing eye problems. Healthy and sparkling eyes add on to your beauty. Follow the eye care regime and get set with good vision and eye sight throughout your life.

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