Nikki Galrani speaks about Dileep!

Nikki Galrani speaks about Dileep!

Nikki Galrani

Nikki Galrani has become a lot more than the 1983 girl for Malayalam movie buffs. Her latest film, Vellimoonga, with Biju Menon has bagged success, just like all her previous releases, and Nikki is currently shooting with Janapriya Nayakan Dileep for Ivan Maryadaraman. The actress shares with us her latest movie updates; love for Kerala food and more…

Tell us your experience working in the Dileep-starrer Ivan Maryadaraman?

We’re shooting in the beautiful Palani; certain song sequences of 1983 were also captured here. I’m having a blast and though our schedules are hectic, everyone is quite charged up and there is no dull moment. Dileep chettan, for instance, is one of the most sportive artistes I have ever met, and being around him is fun.
My look in the project is also quite different from that of 1983 and Vellimoonga, and my character is quite a bit the today’s girl, who has studied outside and come back to her native place in Kerala. Moreover, I play my age in this film.

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How comfortable are you with Malayalam now?

A lot better! While it was Latin and Green for me during the 1983 days, now I can understand Malayalam. My favourite word is kazhicho? (You had food?). People on the set barely see me away from food. As I keep eating, I also keep asking others kazhicho? (laughs). Fish curry and boiled rice are my favourite Kerala dishes and during the shooting of 1983, I kept having it for lunch and dinner every day and gained about 5 kg! As I have the tendency to gain weight fast, I’m trying to stay away from it or eat lesser portions when temptation gets the better of me.

There was a post on your online page about trying to turn vegetarian…

I am a hard core non-vegetarian, though I know it’s nothing to be proud of. While at college, I had managed to stay away from it for a year, but it’s harder now. I have been into yoga and upon feeling urged to break the habit, I randomly posted about turning vegetarian a while ago. However, my motivation lasted only for three days this time. Unlike college days, it is difficult to get the kind of food you want while travelling a lot for shooting. I guess I can still do it, but maybe I will have to push myself harder.

You play a ghost in your upcoming Tamil film Darling…

It’s the remake of a Telugu film, Prema Katha Chithram, but it will be presented differently in Kollywood. It’s the first Tamil film of composer G V Prakash as an actor. The whole movie — except for the songs — was shot in a span of 35 days in one schedule in a house in Chennai, and I hardly slept those days though none of us noticed that time flew. My character gets possessed in many sequences in the film and I had to scream as part of emoting, which I have never done in the past. Being a calm, non-violent, peace loving person, I get a headache if I try to scream. The project was altogether a novel experience and I enjoyed working on it. Its post-production works are going on now.

What do you do to stay fit?

When I’m in Bangalore I do yoga for three hours, when not shooting. While shooting, it depends on the place that I am in. Then I strictly balance my diet and try not to binge on unhealthy food. I also do yoga when I have no access to gym while shooting.

You recently walked the ramp for the first time with your sister Sanjjanaa

I have done only print and TV ads before, but my sister has walked the ramp while she was a model. This was my first time and it was great to walk the ramp with my sister. The show was organised by a matrimonial site for a social cause.

What next?

There is a Malayalam project that will start in January, but I guess it’s not time yet to talk about it.


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