Nivin’s cop role..Revealed..

Nivin’s cop role..Revealed..

Nivin’s cop role

It’s been almost eight months since Nivin Pauly had a release in Mollywood.

His previous film was the blockbuster Premam and you can hardly fault him for being extremely careful about his follow up movie. The strategy adopted by the director of his latest film, Abrid Shine, is a bit hatke as it wouldn’t show him as a supercop but as someone more relatable.

“It’s a light-hearted movie,” says Abrid. “It doesn’t have any dark, thrilling moments that people tend to associate with a police movie. The lead character Biju Poulose played by Nivin is not a beat-to-pulp, hard-hitting cop who spews intense dialogues at will.” Nivin’s role will strike a chord with the common man as he would remind many of the police officers in real life rather than standing boot-to-boot with iconic police roles such as Suresh Gopi’s Bharath Chandran IPS or Mammootty’s Inspector Balram.

“Biju represents the police force of today. He is your usual sub-inspector and he doesn’t stand out in anyway. He has shades of many cops that you see in real life. So, in that way the character is more grounded,” says Abrid.
While the 1983 director says that the film has certain instances in real life sewed in to it, the character Biju is not based specifically on any real-life policeman.

Ask him if there’s pressure since Nivin’s previous film became a blockbuster of sorts, Abrid nonchalantly replies, “There is no scope for comparison at all. While Premam encompassed the character George’s life from his school days to his 30s, my film just tells the story of how Biju is as a policeman. It doesn’t stray into any other period in his life. So, I am not really worried about that.”

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