No secret behind Jayasurya`s fitness freak

No secret behind Jayasurya`s fitness freak


It’s no secret that Jayasurya is a fitness freak. The actor, who hardly misses his daily gym routine feels that he’s not doing enough to do justice to his profession.

“Whenever I go to the gym I realise that I am not working hard at all, says the Punyalan Agarbatties actor. He tells us that the reason for his inferiority is the other youngsters who hit the gyms several times a day. “There are IT professionals who work out at least four times more than I do. And I am the one who should be more careful about my health than them as an actor’s tool is his body,” he says.


While he might not be pushing his physical limits, the actor ensures that he’s done all he can to make his character in Su… Su… Sudhi Vathmeekam, the upcoming film directed by Ranjith Sankar, stand out. “It’s the toughest role I have done so far and I have given it my all,” he explains.

It’s the second project in which he teams up with director Ranjith.

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