Onbadhula Guru Review

Cast: Vinay, Lakshmi Rai, Premji,
Direction: P T Selvakumar
Production: S Sivakumar, R Sivakumar
Music: K
Onbadhula Guru

Well for starters, the audio launch was a gala event with Vijay making a special appearance and there were talks that Vijay himself is to do a Onbadhula Guru2cameo in this movie. So whatever be it, the movie’s hype factor created a buzz with the song “Va Machi Va”, quite for some time. To cream this, there was a last minute add on to the already large starcast, none other than the one who is enjoying the special limelight – Powerstar. The cast of Vinay, Satyan, Arvind, Lakshmi Rai, Premji, Jagan and phew! , the list goes on. Director Selvakumar’s comedy outing enjoys an “A” certificate from the censor board speculating the adult quotient in the movie quite a bit.

OG is a peculiar movie having a strong essence of so many Hollywood movies, where the heroes’ sick of the pathetic life they forego run away in search of freedom, ecstasy and what not. Breathing a whiff of air from”Hangover”, the movie splashes the Hollywood biggie’s essence in a few scenes. As said the movie has a tag line of 4 idiots, it’s about 4 lads who embark a journey to forget their estranged life. Vinay hardly is the lead, as he shares the screen with Arvind, Premji, Jagan and Satyan.

The movie shoots of by trying its level best to unveil the happenings with recurrent flashbacks which makes you uncomfortable to understand. Vinay, Arvind, and Satyan find themselves caught in the web of marriage with nothing but qualms and misery. Each of their stories have a comical reason with strong intentions of making you laugh your wits out, but that happens just like a full moon day! Vinay is tricked into marriage as the groom disappears, Satyan falls for a rich girl and mother in law only to become a servant like character, Arvind is torn between his lovebug and respect for his father. All these lead them to convince Jagan that marriage is nothing short of hell. Elsewhere Premji is the wannabe playboy who comes up with innovative ideas to flirt and the director tries hard to draw parallel lines to his story.

Every now and the Director tries to ooze Glamour quotient heavily to enhance the commercial factor of the movie and fails pathetically. The foursome get relief in the hands of Premji’s antics, pub trotting, and wealth. They flirt rigorously with Laskhmi rai and try to outwit each other at any cost. With a lot of trivial elements adding up, the movie finally gives you a hint post interval where it will lead to.

Now, the director obviously wanted to relate some of the common issues that a man faces post marriage and what they would really want to do for a panic stricken marriage life. However through the yawning passageway of screenplays, he torments with second rated glamour. Premji in a playboy avatar makes you scratch your head every time he allures a girl with flirting intentions. Throughout the movie, the director has heavily used punches, signature tunes, dialogues from various Kollywood movies without a reason.Onbadhula Guru1

In an honest way to please the audience, he uses acclaimed character names for the lead cast like Velunayakar, Billa, Kochadiyaan, Ranga etc. The songs apart from “Va Machi Va” hardly captivate your memory and this song has some funny lyrics penned by Na.Muthukumar blending with peppy music from K. The BGM is full of signature tunes of Billa, Mankatha, Baasha and so much that you hardly realize its original score.

The opening scene makes you wonder if this is a straight “Hangover” lift off, however only a few portions have been taken. However this would be a shame to even compare with the likes of “Hangover” as the movie neither gives you the much required laughs nor entertainment. The only clap you would hear is for Powerstar’s entry nothing else. A majority of the movie as comedy, romance,

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